pink sweater ankle jeans sitting on coffee table Wireless router by Norton Core security fits well into home decor

Stay Secure with Norton Core WiFi Router

pink sweater ankle jeans sitting on coffee table Wireless router by Norton Core security fits well into home decorFeaturing: Norton Core in Gray (also in gold)/ Sweater: H&M / Jeans: H&M / Earrings: Anthropologie (similar)

Let me introduce to you our latest, pretty, secure and fast router. Can you spot it?

If you have WiFi, you have a router. We’re on our third router in our home, let me explain. Years ago I got locked out of my own router, someone changed my password and reset it. Then we realized we were being charged a rental fee for our router after looking closely at our bill! So we finally bought one, but now the more technology advances the more we have to be on the lookout to be cautious about our privacy – so much data is transferred through the internet.

Wireless router by Norton Core security fits well into home decor

Norton by Symantec recently released a beautiful and secure WiFi router called Norton Core. It’s super powered and has really amazing features.

It blends in so well with decor – and it comes in gold too!

Why Norton Core is an impressive router

I know, I know you already have a router, but listen, your efficiency blogger is here to give you some highlights.

This router does not just exist to connect you to the internet. It exists to protect you, give you flexibility, and offers speedy access to the internet in the way you’re supposed to stream information.

Block categories + limit + pause internet time (Parental Controls)

Control internet time, screen time by person, and set content filters. Don’t want kiddos to see certain things? Block abortion, crime, alcohol and even the age group! It will tell you how long they have been on the Internet for the day, and you can grand more daily time limit if you want from your phone – iPhone and Android.

Internet can be turned off by a certain time, or even paused and your kid is done with their surfing – maybe easier than taking the iPad away? Oh, the Internet went to sleep, time for bed.

Norton Core parental controls and overview to monitor security wifi router

Stream movies and download games simultaneously + super signal

Ultimate WiFi performance with this dual-core processor delivers maximum speed up to 2.5 gigabits per second! Yay Netflix and Amazon Prime TV marathons. I am currently crazy about Outlander.

We had to buy a wifi booster to get the end of our home with the old router. Core’s beam forming antenna tower focuses WiFi directly to devices in distant corners of your house.

See who is on your network + speeds + guest access

Shows what devices are on your network, plus upload and download speeds. Make sure no one is hanging out on your network.

Create a guest network at the touch of a button. Delete after they leave, reset, you can control it.

Comes in gold or gray

Because matching your decor matters, I know.

lifestyle tech blogger diana Elizabeth on laptop Wireless router by Norton Core security fits well into home decorhands on laptop lounging

A pretty router that comes in a gray or gold finish that fits in with your decor – hurray said the home decorators!

You also get a 1 year complimentary Norton Core Security Plus to protect your home network and unlimited number of devices.

Since hackers are finding more ways to steal our precious information, so should the advancement of our router to keep the information we pass through the internet safe! To keep all information you pass through the internet, check out Norton’s WiFi Privacy service, you get a VPN (virtual private network) that encrypts all of your network traffic from eavesdroppers on networks, including your own private password network at home.  Just because you have a password protected router connection at home doesn’t keep the data from being secure, unfortunately. Hackers can access any info no matter what WiFi you use, public or private and a VPN (virtual private network) protect your connection and keeps it safe. Check out Norton’s WiFi Privacy here.

Find Norton Core on Best Buy, Amazon and on Symantec’s site here.

pink sweater with bow tie Wireless router by Norton Core security fits well into home decor

Thank you Norton by Symantec for sponsoring this post.

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    Norton core is one of the impressive router. Its privacy system is really good. You are sending lots of data through the internet for your work to be done properly you need a fast and safe router.


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