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I received the miracle gift of LASIK two years ago from Mr. Wonderful – read about it here.  I was the naughty girl who watched a movie that same night (hey it was a big screen) – and I will forever want to be the spokesperson for LASIK because it’s like Jesus touched your eyes and it only took a minute for each eye. Anyway, you can read that post.

I thought about keeping my old Burberry frames and swap out to a non prescription lens but was going to cost $100 so instead I decided to sell the frames on eBay. reached out and asked if I would want a pair try try, so my fashion glasses dreams could come true.  Note: You can also get a pair with prescription, just fill out the details after you “add to cart.”


The coolest part was being able to upload your own photo, click “Try on View” and see all the frames on your face.

This also causes a crazy overwhelming feeling of suddenly 200 photos of your face fill up a screen but makes the decision process a lot easier.

You could also screenshot it and make it your husband’s desktop or phone wallpaper.  Just kidding.

I posted a quick shot to IG and here were the results:


I love what everyone picked on IG, but those were black frames and I just wanted the tortoise color.  So I kinda picked the same ones only a different color (and a little more square across the top).  Thanks for all the feedback.  The funny thing was those weren’t even my choices I had it narrowed down to, I just wanted to show how neat it was to see this.  It was also ironic because Melayne liked the ones that were already in my cart so I just figured, alright, let’s buy them.

They arrived in a week and a half and came in a beautiful hardcase that looks like an old atlas map.  You know me, wannabe world traveler loves that!


Now take a peek at the “Winner” shot above again and look – they do look the same! Size and color, I love it!


These don’t look anything like the frames I had before LASIK but I like them!  It also makes me wonder why I haven’t booked a glasses/sunglasses model job, so let me just pretend I’m a glasses model now.


OK I stole that pose from the J.Crew catalog.


What do you think?  Fun right?

If you’re interested (look at those prices), I have a few links for you:  Get Your Eyewear For First Pair Free! And get free US Shipping on orders over $39.

Do you have fashion glasses?  Would you ever wear any?

Disclaimer: sent me a free pair to try, but as always, opinions are my own and products are only accepted if I feel they are a fit for myself, and good content for my blog and my readers.

Equipment used: Sony NEX-5R (c/o) 16mm f/2.8 + 18-55mm (c/o)

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Jim

    It’s so interesting how many mostly young women that have been wearing glasses for many years finally are able to get lasik and after just a very short time actually start missing their glasses. Now I realize that wearing glasses for fashion sake is much more fun that when your glasses were necessary for you to be able to see. But what you no doubt must have dreaded wearing in the past is now something you purposely wanted to wear again. You of course look amazing wearing glasses with or without a prescription. It’s now been a couple years since you got lasik. How is your eyesight today? Many often claim to see 20/15 or better after lasik.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I miss them but I don’t ;) I think you’re right, it’s much more fun for fashion sake for sure! It’s just a fun accessory to have now really because the lenses aren’t so heavy. Love my eyesight I’d say I have 20/20 still, if not better, my husband has 20/20 and he’s kinda jealous that I can see beyond him so maybe I have 25/20? :)

  • Mailinh

    I have been seriously thinking about Lasik this year and hope to have it done sometime next year.


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