A night with Boyz II Men, Paula Abdul and NKOTB – The Total Package Tour!

Ok, it’s personal post time. As a blogger it can be hard to just share regular life as brands are perusing your blog at any moment but I think it’s good to show I also blog about my personal life. I was reading an article about how to grow your blog and it said people don’t want to read about the relationship you have with your dog. I paused and thought, what the heck – some of you may know I blogged about my dog who passed  – and I thought, but that is what I want to blog about, and my loyal readers are the best and I know they don’t mind my ramblings or personal posts. Or when I want to talk about NKOTB!

Let’s scream together throughout this post, mmmkay? There was a lot of singing and screaming – to and at Boyz II Men. See Brenna and I holding each other tight to a song you can probably guess. You belong to me Brenna, hahaha! We were downstairs between sets about to order drinks when we heard the music start for Paula Abdul, we looked at each other, screamed and literally RAN back up the stairs to the suite – I went nutso when Opposites Attract came on.

Welcome to the Block Party!! I don’t know if words can even describe how it feels to finally see NKOTB. It’s like your inner little girl freaks out all over again, your dream is coming true before your eyes – JORDAN KNIGHT I LOVE YOU! Truthfully, I liked them when I was a little girl and knew their big hits. About 50% of the songs I didn’t know and I realized it’s because I was a little younger (or it’s been that long – maybe it’s been that long haha). While I would probably know more N*SYNC and Backstreet Boys songs because I was older and really listening to pop radio, I didn’t have a crush on them like I did with KNOTB which is why we pretty much screamed our faces off. It’s just different, if you catch my drift.

I am a proud KNOTB fan, it’s part of my childhood that I treasure. A fan brought a lunch box and Joey signed it and we laughed because I’m sure anyone who is around my age had something of KNOTB – a pillowcase, fanny pack, button, dolls, I think I had anything and everything they were printed on! Who was your favorite KNOTB? My crush on Jordan Knight was reignited after the show – I now follow him on Instagram haha! I adored their personalities on stage, you can tell they genuinely love their fans and appreciate all of us being there.

They had a LIVE quick changing room cam which was so funny – they were goofing off flexing, dancing, and kissing the camera, our cheeks hurt by the end of the night from laughing and singing, we didn’t want the night to end. A big shout out thanks to bestie Meagan for the suite seat tickets for us.

Other random things and thoughts going on this summer –

  • When I came home from Switzerland my shopping was on pause as I compared the price of a new dress to a meal overseas. $50? That was my dinner! Nothing like the love of travel to make you save up for the next trip.
  • I am loving pencils lately. The ones that require sharpening. I erase a lot and I have to toss the pencil because the eraser is gone. I’m using a Kate Spade planner I got halfway through the year at 50% off – but it was still $20. I have eyes on this one. I use it for my blog posts and daily notes. Penciling describes my blogging schedule – moving things around, often.
  • Husband and I finally bought a new mattress, but there’s quite a story. We bought them, but then the first night I hated it. I refused to sleep on the mattress and slept in my office (Benjamin was out of town for work and I was angry texting him about how much I loathed our mattress even though I thought I’d be OK with it at the store). Then he came home and hated it too and we returned it, and ordered another, pillow top and all. We were cranky pants the few days sleeping on the first mattress, good sleep is so important!
  • I know that I’m going to say I miss my dog even when I’m 80. Friends ask if we’re going to get another dog and I feel like that’s like asking if I’m getting remarried after my husband died (not so dramatic). It just doesn’t feel right and I can’t seem to want to replace him. I know it’s not replacing but it feels like it.
  • Boy do I wish I was a morning person, the jet lag is long gone and I’m a night owl – writing this post past midnight.
  • Of all the professions I’ve had, blogging is the perfect fit for me. There are difficult parts of it, but truly, had I known this is what I could have done when I was 15, I would have told you I wanted to be a blogger. I was already doing it in some form until blogs were around. To be able to produce my own content, it’s a dream job. I want to talk more about the pros and cons in a future post.
  • I would like to binge watch and enjoy a show that doesn’t get all graphic. I liked House of Cards (great writing) until it got really graphic and I couldn’t take it. We were both bummed but there was a point when we said, “OK, we can’t watch this anymore.” Same happened recently with How to Get Away with Murder. Bummer! I just wish a show could concentrate on clean drama without the side stuff that sit well with what we’d like to feed our souls. Ugh. We used to like The Walking Dead too but then when the season opener happened it was just too violent it really hurt my heart and I felt like throwing up, so we haven’t watched since. I need some clean good shows if you have any recommendations. Or else I’ll just keep watching Dear John, haha.
  • The generosity of my friends amaze me. I do not deserve the girlfriends I have in my life, really. I don’t say this to brag, but they inspire me to be as generous and giving as they are. For example just recently, Brittany sent me this perfume after her visit remembering I swooned over it at Sephora. Rachel sent me an adorable strawberry button up shirt because I mentioned I was looking for one for an upcoming blog post in Strawberry. I just got a mermaid tail blanket from Molly because I made her mermaid dreams come true. Meagan gave me 4 suite seat tickets for NKOTB because she knew I wanted to go. First, I don’t deserve any gifts for any reason, but goodness the kindness and generosity of my friends can move me to tears. I will always remember being in college at an internship and hearing an older women describe another, “She has a great collection of friends,” and I made that my life goal. And I can say, what a collection I have. Let’s think of ways we can bless our friends in return!
  • Sometimes I wish I had a video camera to capture the interaction Benjamin and I have with each other on a daily basis.

Me: “Can you get a bikini back there? I can’t reach it or see it. It’s hot pink.” (Me on tippy toes in small closet pointing to back)
He: (Pulls out something hot pink)
Me: “No that’s workout pants, that’s not it.”
He: (Holding in one hand a pile of other workout clothes holding the top of the pile with his chin. After a minute of continually pulling stuff out.) “Babe, are you serious? This is like those snake cans – like party canisters magicians have that keep popping stuff out, it never ends!”

To things like:

Me: “Hey you stole that from me!”
He: “I stole this from you? We’re married, what’s yours is mine.”


Cheers to summer memories with those you love – KNOTB included.