New Year New Projects

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Did I say I was done with home improvement projects? I don’t recall. I recall saying I was done touching the dining room until the day we die, and also my office will stay put for a while, because three office makeovers in two years was a bit much, for everyone. But it’s a new year, so new (house) dreams.

Here’s my list of what’s on the agenda to save in 2017 – with some Pinterest inspiration on my project boards. I did say save, not complete *wink*

Tool Shed

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Something similar is actually being built right this minute – attached to the back of the photo studio (former storage shed). We need a place for our bikes and garden tools, it should be done in the next week! Hurray! Our backyard has been a true eyesore lately with the tools and lawn mower and bikes sitting under our patio.

Closet (small update now)

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I have a tiny closet in our master – you know, 1952 home size. I cleared out a lot of clothes, swapped to white velvet slim hangers and now I just need to something else… move the new chrome rods up and build up the current shelving I have in there.

I’m currently debating if I can do it myself with my miter saw and I really think I can. However, I’m not sure if this is the wisest thing for me to attempt.

Closet expansion (later)


Heading back from the master bedroom we have some room to knock out the wall and make a real walk in closet for me. The current closet I’m using would then be Benjamin’s closet, so he can actually have his closet in our bedroom instead of in his office. I envision something like this, or check out my Pinterest closet board here. The closet to me is just as important as my office, it needs to be inspirational and organized! On my wish list is natural lighting, too.

This project can be a phase of other projects – as the next one is the biggest one on the list.

Sun room/Guest room


As friends get married, have kids, and are visiting us less (boo hoo), we’ve realized that our home isn’t made to accommodate our friends with a lot of children. This is fine as we can’t do much about that, but we still want our family and friends to visit and have a place – and sharing it with Benjamin’s office is alright, but not necessary to have a permanent queen bed in there.

Remember, his clothes are in there too and his full-time office, he works from home when he’s not in the OR with doctors (he’s in medical device sales). So I’d like to give him his man office full-time like my office.

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We would take our outdoor porch right off our dining room, enclose it, and have a second family room area with plentiful skylights and windows to enjoy the backyard, while also being able to close it up and make it private for guests.

It’s important to me that every room of the house is being used to their full potential and we do need a second living space for entertaining, small group. Just imagine when I have my friends for a girl’s night, poor Benjamin has NO WHERE else to go other than his office or the bedroom and if an overnight guest is at my girl party, he pretty much has to go to the movie theater. So an additional room would be good for us. I already have the flooring picked out.

So one the sun room/guest area is done we will of course then spruce up the –

Man office

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Already painted a dark gray, I want to make Benjamin’s office (the current guest room/office) very Ralph Lauren when it becomes his full-time office space. He may need a comfier couch/lounge chair and reconfigure the furniture once the bed is gone. I know it’s his space but I am really going to make it fun for him and he trusts my style.

See my His Office Pinterest board for my man office ideas.

And that’s it!

I mean, it’s not like – that’s it, that’s a whole lot of it. I don’t think our home needs any of this and we’d be OK leaving it as is, but we also really enjoy upgrading and designing our home it’s fun and enjoyable. But one by one, and saving penny by penny, pinning ideas after ideas goals can be met.

Do you have a long to do/dream list for your home? What are you working or saving for next?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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