New Half Glass Shower Door

Yay!  I can now shave my legs and not miss spots because I have light when I shower.

Have you seen the new trend of half shower glass doors?  They were all fancy over London and Ireland in our hotels that I knew I wanted to do it too!  I went with the thickest glass, 1/2″ because I think substantial and spending the money is just worth it when it comes to something you won’t replace for like, ever.

Sorry about my lines, I had to pick one to line up and being scrunched in a corner to take it with my widest lens, that just didn’t work out how I planned.  These are not professional!

bathroom-subway-tile-half-shower-glass-1 bathroom-subway-tile-half-shower-glass-3 bathroom-subway-tile-half-shower-glass

Thanks to A Touch of Glass, who did this in a week. I love those guys!

Gosh now I need to find some prettier containers to go in my shower now that everyone who uses my bathroom will see my things.

Diana Elizabeth took this photo after her cleaning lady left, because this will probably be the only time it will look so good!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Glass Glazing

    Shower doors are equipped with finished hardware and clear tempered glass. I don’t have one of these doors, so I can’t give specific advice, but one thing to think about is where you stand in the shower relative to the water. I’ve noticed that I tend to stand farther back in the tub. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info.

  • King David Gallery

    Great Idea, Looks great.I really inspired on what you have done on your blog…!!!

  • Courtney Sargent

    Love this idea! We took out the sliding glass shower doors because I take baths very frequently and the slider track didn’t allow me to comfortably hang my legs over the tub (I know, tmi). But, this seems to be the perfect solution to still be able to show off the pretty subway tile! Love it!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Court! I used to take baths a TON in high school, light some candles, read magazines, turn on the radio, it was my R&R time. Now, I guess it’s turned to knitting (haha!). All that to say that I understand why you needed to make sure you could fit in your bathroom in a comfortable position. By the way, if you need some grapefruits, just text me, I can leave a big box outside if you just need to pick up and run! :) xoxo!!!


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