Lilly Pulitzer dusk racerback velvet tank


Lilly Pulitzer dusk racerback velvet tank Velvet tank: Lilly Pulitzer (c/o) / Jeans: H&M / Arm Bracelet: Lilly Pulitzer (c/o) / Clutch: Lilly Pulitzer (c/o) / Heels: Steve Madden, borrowed (similar) / Sunnies: Wildfox / Necklace: Similar and Shane Co.

Happy belated birthday John Mayer. Whenever I hear the word “neon” I think of one of my favorite songs by him. I’m still coming down from my high of watching him from fifth row. Those indulgences that make you smile when you think about those memories are worth every penny.

It’s still 90 degrees in Phoenix, I know you’re all so jelly that I’ve been stuck living in an oven all summer. Technically I haven’t because we know I don’t stick around in the summer but you know what I mean. It actually isn’t that bad though, 90.

I went to see Melayne (pronounced Muh-Lay-n is the blonde to my brunette) a few weeks ago in Costa Mesa and while she called it hot, I thought it was perfect. Sunshine, breeze and 85, nice. But I also think 65 and sun out is nice too ;) She let me borrow her hot pink pumps because she said I need some color with my outfit – and it pretty much matched my clutch.

Lilly Pulitzer dusk racerback velvet tank

Oh and hey arm bracelet. The last time I wore one was in high school for a junior pageant (made top 10 and that started that whole pageant lifestyle). Anyway, I kinda love the sass it adds.

And clearly the pink pumps do it too.

Lilly Pulitzer dusk racerback velvet tank Lilly Pulitzer dusk racerback velvet tankLilly Pulitzer dusk racerback velvet tank

*Hair flip*

Our house has been a crazy mess with some shoots we had this weekend, the big Ballard Designs shoot. We had some serious cleaning up to do (it ended up taking us about 3 hours to put everything back in their place). Yesterday in the car on the way home after Mr. Wonderful and took our holiday photos, and the house was still a mess, I told him, “Oh, well, tomorrow morning I’m seeing Caroline,” and he said, “Wait what?” And I said, “I just want to have fun, it’s my liiiiiiifeeeee, hahah!” And he thought it was funny that I’ve just been socializing, at least he seemed humored by it.

Trust me though, I am working but I’m managing it well. It’s just not all work and no play around here, I’m just working to play ;) It is holiday season and I’m about ready to share some really fun holiday posts and even added a category at the top so if you need to reference it, you can get some great ideas for gifts and holiday entertaining. Oh, and a lot of fun giveaways I have to get organized so I hope you win!

Meanwhile, planning my next vacation – always keeping an eye out for my next vacay… xo!

Lilly Pulitzer dusk racerback velvet tank

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