My faux bob + fear of going short

My girlfriend Ricki just chopped off her hair.  Like Victoria Beckham meets Michelle Williams bob.  It looks awesome.

Growing up, my mom always cut my hair.  It’s like the Asian thing to do – cause you know, Asians do it all.  Why buy it or pay someone, just do it yourself, you’ll probably do it better anyway!  So when I was in the second grade, something possessed my mom to cut my hair to my shoulders. I cried the entire time, I even tucked what was left of my hair in my pajama top to pretend it was longer and when I had to show my dad, I cried some more.  Mom never cut my hair short again.

In college, I wanted a trim and my gal who I had been going to for almost four years, cut my hair just a little past my shoulders. I wore my hair in a ponytail the entire San Diego vacation and I never sat in her chair again.  She later asked a girlfriend of mine months later about me and assumed it was because she got too crazy with the scissors.  Yeah, I’ll break up with people over that.  But never you, mom.

But I came across this photo and I wondered, maybe I could do short hair.  Look at my faux bob.

EmmaMag_Floral-Pants-32-web EmmaMag_Floral-Pants-27-web-faux-bob

Then again, now that I think about it, maybe I’ll just pin it up like this for the days I think I want short hair.

Photography:  Michelle Herrick / Stylist: Alex Evjen / Makeup: Stephanie Neiheisel / Hair: Amber Tillinghast

Diana Elizabeth got her floral pants from Target.  She doesn’t have them anymore because she sold them on Poshmark, but she has new ones from J.Crew.  Go figure she couldn’t let go of that trend too easily.

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


  • krystal

    Oh Diana! I LOVE that bob!!! I say chop it! Hair always grows back and change can be good & fun! I’ve had short, super short, and pixie (YIKES!). I love shorter hair. I probably won’t ever go much past my shoulders again before getting it chopped :)
    And shout outs to moms who cut hair! My mom cut mine progressively shorter my senior year of hs and I loved it.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Says the girl who can sport the short adorable hair!!! Benjamin would die if I cut it!! :) I once wanted to cut 2 inches off and my stylist’s dad was in town and he was watching and he goes, “Noooo!” and it made me laugh, there is a 60 year old man who still loves long hair. I may need to photoshop first. Haha!

  • Carrie

    Don’t do it. I was so sorry when I cut 8 inches off. Yes it grows back but it takes forever!!!! By a wig for when you are feeling a “bob hair day”. Just my 2 cents :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Carrie! I could never do it :) Even with extensions available, for me, long hair is my security! Haha! Thanks for the story though, it’s always good to try that one thing and know, OK, you did it and you can’t do it again! Like my bangs. I bought clip in instead! And of course, haven’t used them. :)

  • ricki

    I say chop-chop! That shoot looks so young + refreshing! It would still be able to tie back + hair grows again. It’s fun to change xox.
    ps-I love my fun hair!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Haha, I can’t do it Ricki!! I can probably pin it under for a while. I’ll just cry again like when I was in the 2nd grade! I’ll live vicariously through you. Or photoshop my hair, haha!

  • angel swanson

    Although you could certainly pull it off (what couldn’t you pull off??), I definitely say stick with your long silky signature locks. ;-) A faux bob is perfect when you’re feeling saucy and want to change it up.

  • Sarah

    Hey, don’t know if you remember me or not but we met at Veronica and Walt’s house and I was the photographer friend they hired! I am LOVING the blog, girl! It’s super inspiring so keep up the beautiful work. Also, you could absolutely(just imagine that underlined) rock a bob.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Sarah, OF COURSE I remember you! Thanks for capturing our IL reception! It was great to have you there. I have our little family porch photo in a small frame :) Thanks for the comment and sweet words!! I’m just trying to live life and capture it as I go. Also using that degree I am telling my father I am in fact using ;) So great to hear from you girlfriend! Keep in touch!


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