My big mouth

If you haven’t already known by now, I have a super big mouth.  I am aware this makes me the ideal customer.  If I love you and your services, I will be your walking billboard. Hello, who doesn’t know who shot my wedding?  If you don’t know, you’re neglecting my blog, and I’m hurt.

Anyway, I’m going to allow my big mouth to ramble on about a few things you may or may not find important.

IMPORTANT Announcements:

  • My online workshop to learn DSLR (beginners and intermediate) begins Jan. 25.  $160. Register now for the 4-week online course with recorded playback and LIVE video and chat room.  Master your DSLR! Sign up here.
  • Also added a 1 week sample class to that, so you can just take the first class to learn basics for $99.  Register here.

Unimportant Announcements:

  • Girl talk time.  FYI, Philosophy = UTI.  Sorry for the TMI, but I figure I should warn a girlfriend.  The back of the label even says so. Got my Happy Birthday one free from Sephora.  Yeah, thanks for the birthday gift.
  • I am looking to teach specialized classes – one time courses that gear towards: Mom photography, shooting your first wedding, shooting babies, working with clients, in addition to my typical DSLR course and Marketing Momentum class for business owners.  If any of you have any requests, I would love to hear.
  • I don’t use Botox.  I know, I’m telling the dude who commented on my Adorama TV video who asked how much I was using.  Rude.  My girlfriends pointed out that it was the best compliment ever, which is totally true but he didn’t say it to compliment me!  Anyway, nothing is wrong with using it but I’m just saying, I haven’t.  And I’m 40.  OK, I’m kidding.  I’m 30.  And I can’t help that my forehead doesn’t naturally move.  So you know what my friend, I’m going to turn your potential insult around and say it is far better for one to think I have used a lot of Botox when I haven’t, than for one to think I need a lot of it.
  • I am going to take a limit of 8 weddings per year so I can be home with my hubby and have plenty of rest to give my wedding clients my all.
  • I have also decided to not shoot in Phoenix from June to mid September. Unless it’s for PHOENIX or Sacramento magazine. It’s just too hot kiddos!

Diana Elizabeth is done shopping. For reals.  She doesn’t need anything else unless it is for the house.  Um, yeah.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.

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