My 4-week Online Course in Review

“Oh my gosh I was so nervous that I peed four times before class started,” I announced at the end of my first online class.  “Aaaand I just realized this is recorded so that’s just great.”

I was excited, nervous and unsure how well received Creating the Image: Photography Basics & Beyond would be taken.  I prayed for just five to show up.  Seven signed up within the first week.  Then I hoped for 20.  We had 34 total across the world that joined in.  Some had never picked up a DSLR before, others were hobbyists that weren’t sure how to shoot on manual mode and just a handful of up and coming professionals.  Whatever their stage, they were eager to learn and attended class every Monday at 5 PM, uploaded their images to our Facebook group and shared their settings.

30 minutes into the first class they knew manual mode.  Each week their homework assignments got better and better.  I was talking about them, showing their work off to any one who would listen, and I beamed with pride.  At night I even laid there wondering if any one was lost.  Surely I would be on the “Leave no child behind” campaign because I wanted to make sure every student got it.

At the end of four weeks, they amazed me.  Before I share some of their work, I want to let you know about the upcoming workshops.

They will take place Mondays at 4 p.m. PST and lasting 4 weeks. Sign up now to reserve your seat:

Row 1: Belle Young, SPY Photography, Devonport, Tasmania / Tammy Zelez, Phoenix, Ariz.
Row 2: Alan Navarrete, Smiles by Alan, Miami, FL / Shana Plauman, Phoenix, Ariz.

The Testimonials

“It is so refreshing to take a course where the photographer is more interested in teaching how to take a perfect picture then talking about fixing everything in photoshop.  I have been very disheartened before and am now starting to feel like you can take those beautiful photos without photoshop.  So THANK YOU! I too believe that it should be about getting it right out of the camera!” – Alison

“I have to thank you for this class! I have been doing photography forever and took a couple classes in college 10 years ago. I learned manual mode back then but just didn’t understand it enough to use it. You have made it so easy for me to pick it back up and NOW I can honestly say, I won’t go back to auto! I have seen the changes to my pictures already! I just wanted to let you know how much your class helped!” –  Tammy

“Just three weeks into the course and I feel like my confidence when taking pictures has boosted! I walk into a photo shoot confident that my lighting will come out right. I always tried to find and google information about aperture, shutter speed,and ISO and I was always guided to the most complicated manuals and articles. I never really understood any of it. The way you have taught this workshop has made it so easy for me to understand and grasp the concepts. My friends and family are noticing that images are coming out a lot better ever since I started this workshop with you. Once again, I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge. I can’t wait to start your next workshop” – Alan

Sign up for fall NOW: Creating the Image: Photography Basics & Beyond, October 3 – $160

Diana Elizabeth used to want to be a teacher when she was growing up.  She made her younger brother Blake sit and pretend he was a student.  She even tried to make her own projector with a cardboard box, flashlight and saran wrap.  Hey, it sort of made sense, right?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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