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Moving the Garden Area

ell we did it. We flattened this entire garden area that has been around for years! I was going to keep it but I am SO thankful we didn’t. My friend Jill Green who helps us with pruning roses and citrus correctly when we’re overwhelmed, was over when our landscape designer Kameran Schaffner was over to take dimensions to draw up plans. It was Jill who said, move your entire garden over to that area and turn your current garden area into an orchard.

It just felt like a genius idea and Benjamin and I breathed a sigh of relief – relief because having two garden spaces with so many beds was already overwhelming with the grass invasion, and the idea of having just an area for fruit trees meant easier to maintain – aka easier to mow.

But boy, wasn’t it lovely while we had it?

Video still by Molly of Love Story Films who took a quick video clip for me after we did a promo film for Happy Eggs.

Here’s a photo of what our new side gate looks like, see the IG post of all the before! The pavers are black but I think the filter I picked made it look a little lighter, and plus we do really need to hose it off, there’s so much dust and debris from getting this area ready.

The original landscape plans had spiral junipers which I was fine with until I thought how I would actually keep them trimmed up and in a few years I could easily mess that up. So double topiaries it was which would make it easier to maintain. Also, the Fern Leaf Lavender is a perennial so this area I won’t have to replace every season. The front of our house is the same, I don’t want to replant anything seasonally except for in my garden.

white smooth stucco wall with wood black gate to garden area double topiaries on both sides lifestyle home blog Diana Elizabeth Phoenix Arizona

I knew I planted basil and tomatoes too early – we were not in the clear for night temps so I had to cover them right away. I hate when I do this but thankfully Benjamin has been checking the weather and I have learned my lesson over the years that covering them will help them survive. I should still learn to not buy them so early but I can’t help myself. I haven’t gardened for months and I’ve really missed it!

home garden blog Phoenix Arizona lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth - tomato in a raise brick garden Diana shoveling in the backgroundpink hunter boots in front of garden beds holding vintage garden watering can #hunterboots #gardenarizona Phoenix Arizona blogger Diana Elizabeth in pink sweater and pink hunter boots gardening

It’s like I take a photo of the space and within days it’s already changed with more additions. We have so much more to go but I must depart to a family trip for three weeks and so we will get back to it when I return. Here’s an update of what has happened since I last shared our updated list last week! I’ve added more to the list so you get an idea of how this is never ending! :)

  1. Sprinklers and irrigation installation
  2. Trench and get electrician to install power to front light posts
  3. Get custom built gate installed
  4. Remove cement between brick
  5. Deliver mulch mix
  6. Put mulch in the new beds
  7. Add garden bed starters
  8. Plant other bulbs
  9. Back to nursery to get lavender, jasmine 1 gal, peach tree
  10. Put up jasmine vine wall
  11. Reseed the lawn
  12. Plant roses, everything
  13. Repaint white cinderblock wall
  14. Plant jasmine (waiting for 1 gallon to arrive in nurseries)
  15. Figure out what ground cover I want in the garden area. Rock or flagstone? Mix?
  16. Figure out what to do with corner landscaping area
  17. Finish cinderblock wall in front yard on other side
  18. Order custom iron gate for front

We repainted the wall because it wasn’t matching the original wall with the sun fading it out, so now the wall is Alabaster and matches the garage and expansion. We need to figure out what to do with the garden area for ground cover that will make it convenient should one need to dig… I am honestly thinking it might need grass, yikes Benjamin wouldn’t be thrilled with it but we’ll have to figure something out soon, it’s quite muddy when wet.

How about that floral wire I found from The 99 Cents only Store? Win! I DIY’d this entire wall myself (here’s how I did it). I can’t wait to see this wall full of jasmine and in a bigger pattern than my 22″ diamonds on the other side of the yard.

jasmine vine wall preparation wire in diamond shape

I’m still getting used to our black and white home now. The blue is gone. I liked the blue, but probably would have been more comfortable with a different blue hue. Anyway,  I am glad we finally did it and it’s starting to feel very us now. The inside of the house we worked on first, then the backyard, and the front yard has been the last. Curb appeal just took more time and we knew it would cost more so we waited and I’m so glad we did.

Well, that’s the update for now, and I’m sure I’ll have more to update you on when I return because there’s still a lot of work to do!

I planted the starters I grew from seed – see my seed starting journey post. I highly recommend doing it yourself, it’s cheaper and I also collect seeds from my own garden! I am currently growing pumpkin, beans, and more onion.

There were a few starters I did buy, like peppers and just a few other tomatoes like yellow pear tomatoes and other varieties. I think what needs to happen is I need to get some friends together and we split some seeds so we don’t have to buy so many! Hmmm ideas!

aerial shot of garden blogger planting in raise garden bedsphoenix home blog lifestyle home and garden blogger Diana Elizabeth arizonaseed starter lifestyle blogger garden blog Diana Elizabeth holding tray of startersSeed starting trays: Gardener’s

Photography by Heather Kinkel.

Diana Elizabeth can’t wait for nearly everything to be done, they are almost there, the biggest hurdles are complete and now it’ll hopefully be much easier for the rest and all be complete before summer hits! 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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