Lucerne Switzerland Travel tips

Mount Pilatus in Lucerne Switzerland

Lucerne Switzerland Travel tipsLucerne, Switzerland at Mount Pilatus
SunniesSweater / Denim / Backpack (similar) / Boots / Boot socks

This is the third of a series of 5 blog posts dedicated to Switzerland.

Lucerne was one of my favorite spots on the trip really due to our Mount Pilatus experience. It was when I got the first glimpse of the Swiss Alps and my heart just stopped.

The photos don’t do it justice – when you see God’s creation on the other side of the world it will stop you in your tracks and make you reflect. There are no other words to describe how I felt just seeing the mountains in front of my eyes – they went beyond the sky!

Lucerne Switzerland Travel tipsLucerne Switzerland Travel tips

Chapel Bridge

A pretty iconic sight, this wooden bridge diagonally crosses the Reuss (waterway), built in 1333, there are over 100 17th-century photos hanging from the roof rafters that depict scenes about the town’s history!

Lucerne Switzerland Travel tipsLucerne Switzerland Travel tipsLucerne Switzerland Travel tipsLucerne Switzerland Travel tips

As you can tell the first day we got into town it rained a lot. It’s OK – rain means no one in your photos! And a clear umbrella is a must – something I had thought about when we got ready for our trip.

I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out on any scenery and it also makes it less claustrophobic. I would say always get a clear umbrella. I bought ours for under $15 on Amazon here and you can pick different trim colors!

Mount Pilatus

The highlight of my trip, it was a gondola ride up, 7,000 feet above sea level to take in this stunning view. We took a short train ride to a stop, walked to the base and paid $72 for a round trip gondola ride – which had a few stops until you got to the top. It looks cold, but it was nice with the sun shining, cool but peaceful. I also layer under my sweatshirt and I tell you I’m always hot so this cooler weather was heavenly for me.

Lucerne Switzerland Travel tips Mount Pilatus

After this trip Jackie should be cured of her fear of heights haha.

Lucerne Switzerland Travel tips Mount PilatusLucerne Switzerland Travel tips Lucerne Switzerland Travel tips

^^ I’m not quite sure how one gets to this church but it was darling to see it. I didn’t see a path and trust me the only walkway I saw was along the peace of a mountain which looked terrifying. There were a few crosses on the highest peaks in this are of the Alps which I loved.

The Swiss flag has the cross on it too, if you think about it.

I mean this view, it’s remarkable. Here I am in Switzerland, SWITZERLAND – the Swiss Alps in person, so breathtaking.

Lucerne Switzerland Travel tips Mount Pilatus Lucerne Switzerland Travel tipsLucerne Switzerland Travel tips Mount Pilatus Lucerne Switzerland Travel tips Mount Pilatus

Such a highlight! Time for some coffee in a pink cup.

Up next, Bern, Switzerland’s capital and looks like it came right out of a movie!

Lucerne Switzerland Travel tips

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  • RG

    Glad it still looks as fresh as I remembered it. It hasn’t lost that romantic mystique.

    I haven’t been back there since 1980. I was a kid then of 12. Great experience since I use to live then in Manila. I loved the atmosphere, not to mention the cream soup and French fries I had at the restaurant up top.

    Last time I was in Lucerne, it was Titlis on the agenda. I still prefer Pilatus.

  • Carmen

    Awesome place and pictures, Diana! Loving your tall boots. Perfect for all that snow! ;)

    Btw, got the Business Boutique book and loving it so far! Thanks so much!


    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Carmen! It was worth packing those and sacrificing that suitcase space! :) Glad you got the book, can’t wait to hear how you like it! xx

  • MK

    Your trip looks amazing! Such fantastic photos too! Breathtaking views! I’m going there in a week with my family. Did you go recently? I was wondering if we should pack warm clothes as well?

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi! I just came back 2 weeks ago. I’d check the weather :) Have fun!!

  • Tim Poole

    Great pics. Looks like a wonderful trip.
    The next to the last picture, the mountains and the clouds and the tram, reminded me of the setting for 1958’s classic B movie science fiction thriller The Crawling Eye…


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