Sweet Mornings in the Garden

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Believe it or not, the weather has been so pleasant in Phoenix, the mornings are just lovely. We had an incredibly large nursery delivery with three large trees – red oak, Chinese Pistache and a California Sycamore. I almost forgot, in addition to the trees and bushes, we added a mandarin orange, replacing a tiny one – so now I will be growing my own “cuties”!

We had some leftover mulch which made our garden beds so happy. I’m growing some tomatoes and peppers for summer. Basil always does well and fits into my summer recipes.

milo-iced-tea-gardening-lifestyle-blogger-diana-elizabeth-blog_0049 milo-iced-tea-gardening-lifestyle-blogger-diana-elizabeth-blog_0051

Summertime I prefer tea, iced tea. It’s more refreshing, lighter and something about gardening and iced tea just go hand in hand. Milo’s Café Style teas are new, organic and brewed from USDA Certified organic tea leaves and are sweetened with organic sugar or lightly sweetened with organic stevia.

You can find this in the refrigerated juice and dairy section of your store – like Walmart. You can find the store nearest you here. They have Green Citrus Tea and Sweet Tea, as well as their light versions.

milo-iced-tea-gardening-lifestyle-blogger-diana-elizabeth-blog_0050milo-iced-tea-gardening-lifestyle-blogger-diana-elizabeth-blog_0048 milo-iced-tea-gardening-lifestyle-blogger-diana-elizabeth-blog_0052

I’m adding oregano and rosemary to our front garden bed – I’m really anxious for this bed to become full but I know over time it will, especially once the artichokes get larger, once they return in the fall. Gardening teaches me so much about patience.

milo-iced-tea-gardening-lifestyle-blogger-diana-elizabeth-blog_0055milo-iced-tea-gardening-lifestyle-blogger-diana-elizabeth-blog_0053 milo-iced-tea-gardening-lifestyle-blogger-diana-elizabeth-blog_0054

I used to think I didn’t have a green thumb but the trick is the blue thing – water! Just having our beds on a timer makes gardening brainless, really. Over time, you learn what to plant, what needs shade and what are summer and winter veggies. I also started to learn what I’ll really eat and what I want to plant just because it looks pretty – like artichoke!

I also decided to add flowers in my veggie beds, I added a rose bush tree right in the middle of one, put some flowers around it, and will just keep adding herbs, pretty things to bring color into my yard.

milo-iced-tea-gardening-lifestyle-blogger-diana-elizabeth-blog_0059 milo-iced-tea-gardening-lifestyle-blogger-diana-elizabeth-blog_0056 milo-iced-tea-gardening-lifestyle-blogger-diana-elizabeth-blog_0057

It’s a miracle that my manicure stays on as long as it does when I choose not to garden with gloves.


Photography by Dream Photography Studio.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Carmen

    Gorgeous photos! I could never look that cute when gardening! ;-) Would love to try those iced teas – they look so good!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Thanks Carmen! You could – you just get the cute accessories! ;) Sometimes I just roll out in my pajamas too!

  • Carissa

    well since we’re both size XS and 5’7.5″ I’m curious what your shoe size is? I’m 7.5 and sometimes 7. I used to be an 8 but I swear my foot shrunk a couple years ago.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      How do your feet shrink? LOL!! I’m a size 8 for most everything or 8.5 (boots and sandals). I really think I’m 5’8″ but my agency made me stand up against a wall and they came back with 5’7.5″ crushing my runway dreams. JK.

  • Angela Kim

    I’m just getting into gardening and a complete newbie but it’s so fun! Hubby and I have recently planted some flowers- roses and hydrangeas- after killing so many flowers and plants because they were unfit for where they were planted. My next project is the gardening beds. I’m going to keep checking back for more ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Gardening is just about constantly experimenting! I went to a lot of local classes to learn but after a while, I just needed to do it! :) I’ve wasted a lot of money on the wrong trees, wrong season to plant, etc., but it’s such an enjoyable learning experience. I hope you’ll share your garden soon on your blog!

  • Carissa

    I don’t think I ever knew that we are the same exact height! How funny. I feel like we’re bound to eventually meet and hang out in person, one way or another!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Um, that is amazing. I guess now when you see me wear clothes you’ll know exactly how it’ll fit on you :)

  • Carissa

    That tea looks so refreshing, especially the green citrus tea! I’ll have to look for that next time I’m out.
    You know how I feel about your garden – what a dream! These photos make me want a backyard SO badly.
    I’m curious where your dress is from : )


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