Modeling – Behind the Scenes


If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a modeling or acting job, I’ll walk you through my latest job.

First, you audition, as requested by the casting director who is casting for the project.  Then you sometimes get a callback, which means you audition again against the final contenders.  Then, if you land the gig, you get all the details of the shoot date and how to arrive by your agent.

You have a call time which means the time you must arrive.  When you get in the car,  log your miles.  Since I always forget, I just write down the total miles since Google Maps on my iPhone will tell me how many miles away the studio is, and I multiply by two.  That way I at least jotted down my start mileage and total miles I will be traveling.  This is old, you can find similar here.


Some jobs require you to show up with makeup already on and wardrobe as well.  Those are typically for smaller jobs or jobs where they just like you as is such as hosting, or something they aren’t too worried about.

In this case, this job was for a spa/massage company and I needed to look very natural.  They requested I remove my eyelash extensions.  So this is me driving to the studio for a 9 a.m. call time with no makeup on, only moisturizer and clean washed hair.  I try to style my hair a little with the part and blow dry so that gives them something to work with.


I always arrive in a button down shirt.  This way once hair and makeup are done, it won’t be messed up by pulling a shirt over my head, etc.  This shirt is old and by Free People.

I also bring my modeling bag.  It’s filled with: hand cream, body cream, wallet, kleenex, toothpaste, toothbrush, powder, bandeau, strapless bra, charger, nail polish remover wipes, face wipes, just emergency things.


For this job, a fabulous makeup artist was hired by the production company.

There were many actors for this shoot, and I really appreciated that my own powder and sponge was in a plastic ziplock bag with my name on it so I wouldn’t get someone else’s brush or things all over my face during touch ups.  It’s so nice when they are professional.


After makeup and hair, you wait.  It’s a lot of hurry up and wait.  This time I had to wait in a robe (they requested I bring my own) because they didn’t want wrinkles since I had to be on my stomach for a massage – so no bra strap lines, etc.


During this time I play on my iPhone and bring my portable charger that can charge an iPhone 3x fully.


I visit craft services for food and chat with the production people.


I am naughty and I don’t stay in the room and I wander to see the video going on.


Then I head to the other side of the studio and see the print campaign that’s being created.


I get my call, and I have to start on the video side, then wait again and head to the print side – sorry I can’t take pics while I’m working.

When I’m done, I get my voucher signed – send it off to my agent and give the copy to the client.  I already know the usage terms and rate so filling this out isn’t a surprise.


Here’s my natural makeup as I am about to head home.


I grab a Starbucks and grilled cheese sandwich…


This model eats – a little too much.


And then I veg on the couch!

Some jobs pay hourly, others pay a flat fee for complete buy out, while others have usage fees and will renew if they decide to use it the next year.  The awesome thing about renewals is you get paid say $1500 for the working day, and the following year they just want to use it again you get paid even more, like $1750 for doing nothing and the following year, even more.  So it’s always great to land renewal jobs.

Some times the day is short, other times it’s long, but you get paid the same either way, it’s what has already been agreed upon – I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it.

I’ll let you know when the campaign comes out!

Diana Elizabeth has been acting since her sophomore year of college, some good side money and great for tax deductions for facials, hair and makeup, things she would get normally.

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.



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