apple-hill-web-2Vneck: J.Crew (on sale) / Jeans: Blank Denim / Sunnies: Wildfox

I had a great week back home – I hardly had much time to sleep in, but I did sneak in some relaxation watching Netflix of course but every day we did something. My parents are so active while retired I can barely keep up! From an outdoor home show to an eggplant festival, there was always something to check out around here. I didn’t realize there was so much to do back home!

One of the days we headed up to Apple Hill, a place that is a childhood memory for every Nor Cal kid. There are over 50 farms/ranches in the area, Christmas trees, pumpkins and apple trees. You pretty much stop at a location, order apple pie, juice, donuts, cookies, sauce, anything and everything that apples can be made of! It’s so fun and the atmosphere is magical – it makes you excited that it’s fall!


The season starts in September and Apple Hill is open through December, I think even to the end (I wanted to link but the site isn’t working)! We stopped at a few favorite spots, enjoyed a slice of apple and rhubarb pie, sitting beneath apple trees.

Dad couldn’t wait for me to take a pic and already took a bite. I don’t blame him.


My parents are the best Instagram parents and they totally get into it which is so sweet. I was taking photos with my mom and turned around to see my dad sitting at the picnic table enjoying the weather after his pie and thought it was so cute.


I saw a lot of friends while I was back home, they kept me equally busy as my parents and though I love photography, sometimes just being camera free and being present in the moment is so nice. There’s something about having friends who have known you before you hit puberty and have known your parents for the longest time. Isn’t it nice when old friends feel like home?

Speaking of homes, spotted this adorable one that I had to snap a photo.


I realized how many “Old” towns/city parts there are. I guess I’ve been used to it, but I forget how much history has been here with the gold mines and such. It was such a nice relaxing trip home, and it rained and hailed the last day, which to me, is perfection. I swear I could live in Seattle – says the girl who lives in the over abundance state of sunshine.