semi-permanent microblading 3d eyebrows a one year touch up image

Microblading 3-D Eyebrows – 1 year Touch Up

semi-permanent microblading 3d eyebrows a one year touch up image
Photo by Julianne Marie

I can’t believe it was already a year when I did my first tattoo – on my face haha! OK, well it’s not a permanent tattoo, but I wanted to give you an update on how I liked it, and the refresher.

I went thicker as you can see in comparison to last time and went with a different shape. I love it so much more – and I wasn’t scared because I knew they would skinny down a bit. The touch up this time was one session, not two like the first time you do it and you go back a few weeks later to touch up.

semi-permanent microblading 3d eyebrows a one year touch up image
Brow refresher and photo by – based in Gilbert, Ariz.

The above pic was immediately after my 1 year brow refresher so its all shiny and dark. Like I’m talking I just got this done while laying down and sat up for a photo. As my girlfriend says, it’s the Angry Bird look right after you have to get used to for a few weeks. This time Nancy went through some new training which elevated her pricing (but worth it if you ask me) and her instructions for care changed, I could wash them gently but pat so instead of letting them scab and fall off (losing color sometimes!) this method preserves the color better. I can’t explain it but I liked her new method.

I knew I needed a microbladed eyebrow refresher because the color was fading a bit. When I don’t have eyebrows I look scary.

Four of my girlfriends have gotten their brows microbladed after I got mine done and there’s a handful more I see on social that are doing it – it’s so worth it!

Selfie of Diana Elizabeth blogger and friend at John Mayer concert in Phoenix

The third time was painful, my third time if you really think about it – first time on, touch up is the second and this one-year touch up is the third. I was kinda crying and I trust me I have a high pain tolerance but my girlfriend Sommer who has hers tattooed (in above pic) and shaded – she agreed. We laugh because everyone who is a technician says it doesn’t hurt but we think it’s a conspiracy for them to convince us it doesn’t. It could be because it’s tattooed over and over again on the same spot so it’s tender? Hah! Who knows. We’d still do it again and again anyway.

I still use a brow pomade when I get ready but it’s really just to make them pop and it takes me two quick swoops! And usually when I’m home I’m not wearing makeup it’s just my eyelashes and eyebrows on which makes for a decent at home work face!

Check out my post about my first time experience getting it done, no pain no gain and it takes me less than 10 minutes to get ready! Can’t put a price on that :)

What do you think? Time to get yours done?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Heidy

    I had my eyebrows microbladed 4 weeks ago. My appt. for touch up is July 3rd, but I will be out of town. Is it possible to come to your shop for a touch up today or tomorrow? I also need the price. Thanks!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Heidy, this is a review on my experience. I do not do microblading as a service. You need to get in touch with someone who does it.

  • Jessica

    hello! since it’s only 1 session for the yearly touchup, does it look as natural/dimensional as if you were to get another touch-up session (like for your first appointment)? wouldn’t some yearly touchup strokes also fade over 8 weeks and need to be touched up again? thanks and your brows look great! :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Jessica, SUCH a great point. Yes I did feel like a touch up would have been nice but I didn’t feel like I really necessarily HAD to have it since it was after a 1 year. However I noticed that my technician did add a touchup to the touch up (if you follow that haha). so I think it does help incase a chunk of an important line might fall off. I’m ready for my third yearly touch up soon! xx

  • Melissa

    Hey Diana,

    Love your blog and your eyebrows! I’m Going to get mines microbladed too!

    Quick question for you..because I can’t find this anywhere! Do you tip your microblading artist? Curious to hear your experience and if there’s a standard. I’d assume 20% if anything. The person I’m going to charges $800 and 20% of that is a pretty large chunk of cash!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Melissa, if you check out my older post when I first got them done there is a lot of discussion about tipping from others. When I go to medspas or even my gal I didn’t see a tip line. In those circumstances I don’t believe it’s necessary depending on who you go to. If there is one, I wouldn’t think you need 20%. I would say maybe whatever extra you think is fine, say $20-40 but you may want to tip $50 who knows. Otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it until you see the receipt or ask other clients who have gone to that person. Photographers don’t get tipped because we make the entire amount so that may be the case with your person.

  • Carissa

    I’m a little afraid to bite the bullet and try this but yours look so good! Don’t ask me why I’m scared of this but I don’t hesitate to get a Brazilian wax (tmi? lol)
    Finding a good person to do it is probably the hardest part.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Maybe it’s because this is semi-permanent and a wax isn’t? I got laser so…. apparently I don’t mind permanent haha!


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