I didn’t know or think I’d finally get to posting our Christmas photos taken by Melissa Schollaert. We took these the day I returned from North Carolina, and I was a bit tired but I’m so glad we took the time to shoot these images in Central Phoenix. I love Melissa’s work, she shoots film and there’s no surprise I am a huge film lover, our wedding photographer shot film. I’ve worked with Melissa for my boudoir session, branding (my photo you see to the right side bar of my blog), and three additional Christmas shoots. She’s SO talented and is based out of Atlanta but travels worldwide. I miss her company tremendously but I’m so glad timing worked out and she was able to shoot us before a wedding she had in Phoenix.

I love when we get our images back we have so many to choose from! She also knows exactly how to compose the shot for Merry Christmas headers for the card!

Makeup by my friend Lizzy Marsh – of course – who also did my wedding makeup. Lizzy knows my face like the back of her hand, she says, and can quickly give me the right face. Happy 5 year to us, and Merry Christmas to you all!

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