pro-flowers-sign-christmas-wreath-3072pro-flowers-sign-christmas-wreath-3069 pro-flowers-sign-christmas-wreath-3057pro-flowers-sign-christmas-wreath-306320″ Chalkboard Fresh Wreath from (c/o)

I’m finally done decorating – just need to get a small silver tinsel tree out of the box and into Benjamin’s office so he has a bit of Christmas cheer. If I don’t use it this season he may not think we should keep it in storage any longer!

ProFlowers and I have become good bud-dies. Haha. They sent me this 20″ Holiday Greetings Chalkboard Wreath and don’t laugh – I didn’t realize it was a legit fresh holiday green wreath! The magnolia leaves and blooms are faux, and the rest smells so wonderfully Christmas!

This is a great gift for the person you’re dating’s parents. Like, if you don’t really know them like that and you want to be thoughtful – or send this to a girlfriend before she hosts that really big party as a hostess gift. It arrives blank and with a piece of chalk so she can personalize it.

I’m pretty much party ready! I’m going to hang this outdoors (shaded area) on our side door which has a huge window. It’s like our secret VIP door that people who really feel super comfortable come in that door haha!

Ricki told me about these command window hooks for outdoors – medium, large version so I’m going to get a few so I can start greeting our VIP guests.

I also picked up some greens from Trader Joe’s for $6.99, bought two of them and draped the over the etagere, smells so festive! Just make sure you spray them with water every day to try to keep them fresh. The heater in the house isn’t a friendly thing for these greens, so just keep that in mind, keep them away from a direct vent.


Bought a realistic fake tree – I need to give you a tour soon!