Maternity Posing Ideas


If I had to choose my favorite portrait subject, I would say the expectant mamas!  There’s something so fun about that lovely bump, the glow and the excitement.  I don’t mind if it’s just the mom or the entire fam, if the husband is up for it, fantastic, if not, I’ve got a gorgeous girl to myself and we can go as long as she wants!

Here are some ideas for posing for maternity.

The looking down at the belly shot



I always prefer the leg closest to me is bent, not the one further from the camera.  If you look at images where the other knee is bent, it just looks off.

Remember you still focus on the face, and make sure belly is in focus.  In certain positions it’s OK if the belly isn’t completely in focus as long as the face is – but when the belly makes the debut and it’s all about the belly…then focus on it!

Placing things in front or on the belly

In this case, Colleen was expecting twins!


Laying down


The every day view

As in, the mom’s perspective.


Sibling love


Just looking down


Even with the mama looking down, focus on her face.  Her belly should be on the same perpendicular line that it should fall in focus as well.

Straight on Portrait

The oh hey, I’m gorgeous, and I’m also with child.




Couple Embraces

The overdone twist posing can be complicated – I try not to win creative twister pose award, I’m trying to convey a feeling – a natural, caught in the moment feeling with a couple. Twist if you must, but then find a way to rotate a bit to make it a bit more comfortable looking.

This is one of the most pinned photos of mine on Pinterest, I love the kiss on the head.

brenna-nate-maternity-120 bethany-paul-maternity-185

Traditional is not boring, it’s classic.


This one just worked out so nicely.

carrie-maternity-127 carrie-maternity-143meagan-mason-maternity-149

Sassy mama pose

Now cue the wind!


I’ve always loved this one, maybe it’s due to many factors – the wind, the muted colors, the gorgeous mama!

The baby

carrie-maternity-136 brenna-nate-maternity-159

The shoes that will be filled

brenna-nate-maternity-163 meagan-mason-maternity-166

Do you shoot maternity?  Do you prefer just the mom or the whole family, or just the couple?  Have you done one yourself and have a preference?

 Diana Elizabeth thinks of the bump as one of the most fun (live) props to work with!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.



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