Mariah Carey in Vegas, again!

This is me, this little girl in Rush Hour –

I’ve been known for my obsession with Mariah Carey since I was little, so much that a college boyfriend mentioned this scene reminded him of me. She’s is everything that my elementary through high school memories are made of. This was my fourth time seeing her (once in Seattle, Phoenix, and twice in Vegas).


After I saw her in Vegas last spring, I knew I wanted to go back and sit closer. Last time, Jennifer and I paid $175 for seats dead center on second level which were great, only everyone in our section sat and I wanted to dance without blocking anyone’s view.

8th row seats were $250 with a $25+ service charge per ticket. Worth every penny. You can pay an extra $1500+ in a package to meet her. Maybe next time…


Mariah sings 18 of her No. 1’s. That means unless you were listening to country growing up in the 90s, you would know every single of her songs. She opens up with Vision of Live, her first #1 song.

Boom. Well hello, diva.


Girlfriend is looking good after being engaged to a billionaire!


We sat 8th row, just to the left of the middle section, seats away from Mariah’s fiance James who was in attendance.

There is is to the far left of this photo as she came down the aisle. She came down both aisles along side of us. I wanted aisle seats but they were all taken. Apparently many fans know Mariah walks down into the audience when she sings, “Always be my baby.” She was 4 people away from me, I died. I actually screamed, “Oh my goodness, here she comes!” as I grabbed my phone.

IMG_0432 IMG_0411

See the dancer to the left? He waved at me when he came out on stage. I was kinda confused then when I waved back and he did a – yeah, I was waving at you, wave back. Then Benjamin teased me.

I’m also pretty sure Mariah saw me belting out to her songs too because I mean, we were that close and I was standing being a little dramatic with my singing with her. That’s the best part – going to a concert and singing to your favorite artist and dancing away, when else can you sing with them live? This was when she was far left to the stage, trust me, we were CLOSE. Remember, that dancer waved at me, I figure if he could see me, she could see me.


And then the confetti came from the sky on her last song. Benjamin had fun with this trying to catch it from the sky, it made me laugh so I had to take a selfie.

IMG_0436 IMG_0441 IMG_0447

She hit those notes, and I went wild.

Thanks for fangirling with me! Until next time!

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