Making a Comfortable Guest Room

guest-room-leopard-print-cheetah-candle-pottery-barn-112Leather Key Chain: Crate & Barrel / Tissue Cover: Handmade / Bowl: Pottery Barn / Candle: Pottery Barn / Frame: Similar / Sheets: Simply Shabby Chic (similar)

It’s guest season, and we just had to say bye to mom and dad before more guests come in, and we are loving it. As long as our guests can handle our no shoe policy (and they always do), I can’t wait for friends and family to come in.  I realize I have yet to show you our guest/Benjamin’s home office room.

For now, I’ll show you a little corner because typically when it’s unused, the bed serves as Benjamin’s second desk and he piles all of his work all over the bed – this means he needs a bigger desk.  We’re working on it but he likes to save money.


I found the cutest guest keychain at Crate & Barrel, I’ve been looking for one and when I came across it it made me so excited!  Also, this cheetah candle is the most divine smelling candle ever.  It’s musky, masculine, yet warm – my nose is very sensitive and I can tell immediately if a candle will make me feel sick.  It’s so beautiful one could use it as a pencil cup holder after the candle is gone!

I bought a few more touches to help guests feel comfy, like a luggage rack from Ballard Designs, and an over the door valet for clothes.

Real Simple magazine came out with a chart of the must-haves for a guest to feel comfortable and so I made my checklist.  I can say we’re pretty much there, but the dream would be to expand so we could have a dedicated guest room, though this can be tough because the reality is, is a dedicated guest room truly necessary?  I want all rooms to be used all the time, so it’s a tough thing for us to decide if it’s worth expanding our home for one. Just a fun thing to dream about!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Amy

    I am trying to get my guest room together, too, and these are some great suggestions! I love the “extra key” one :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Guest rooms are so fun! :) Are you starting to get guests? I love adding fresh flowers and a bottle of water too! Oh, and a night light!


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