Makeup Makeover


I was on my way driving West to meet up with my girlfriend for breakfast.  I flipped down the visor to block the sun, decided to do a little “how do I look?” in the mirror when I realized, OH MY GOSH I’M ORANGE!

Line from neck to chin – oh dear.  I start rubbing, I start thanking God I’m meeting one of my best friends who won’t judge me, but gosh dang it, what the heck?  Didn’t I graduate from high school beauty mishaps?  Apparently not.  Then I blamed it on the fact I was wearing my summer makeup colors – but I’m sure my summer makeup colors were wrong too.

So after breakfast, I stopped by my favorite store, Saks Fifth Avenue. I sat with a lovely woman at the Laura Mercier counter and she helped me for two hours.  Yeah, you know what that means – spendy, spendy.  However, the attention I got was exactly what I wanted, and I was prepared.  I was tired of using cheap makeup, guessing my colors, and just winging it.  I felt like I wasted so much of my youth with cheap colors, makeup and not know what I was doing, I needed professional help.

I wanted help with:

  • An everyday light coverage foundation
  • A medium coverage foundation for my auditions/night’s out
  • Introduction to the caviar eye shadows

What I also got was:

  • Understanding the foundation primer
  • A new way to line my eyes to make them bigger
  • Makeup techniques
  • The correct shade!
  • The correct shade of bronzer for winter – goodbye orange!

I don’t recall having anything by Laura Mercier, I picked her line from a recommendation by a blogger friend of mine.   Most items start around $25, so don’t be intimidated by non drugstore cosmetics, you can afford it!


I’m going to be real with you, I typically do not spend a big chunk of dough on money all at once like I did.  However I know I have it right, I’m confident of it.  The colors, the new brushes, the primer and two foundations and a bronzer, I’m so excited.  I know that I won’t be testing other colors or wandering the makeup aisle because I’m pretty set, and the next time I need anything is for a replacement or summer colors. That to me is worth it, splurge for quality and getting it right so you don’t spend more in the long run.

Have you ever been to a beauty counter to get professional consultation?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Loiriam Jimenez

    I love to wear makeup when I’m not home. Your blog is so nice I enjoyed reading it. The good thing is your best friend do not judge your look and that she is your best friend. :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Loiriam! I think you give such beautiful encouragement on your blog :) And so true about a best friend not judging you, thank goodness for my catch in the mirror too! :)

  • Mailinh

    When you met me in 2011, Diana, I was a complete novice when it came to makeup (still am, but I’m learning). Back then, the only thing I wore was eyeliner and mascara.

    Then, my mom introduced me to her former co-worker, who now is a makeup artist, a couple of years ago. She is so patient with me and my questions and has helped me become so confident with makeup. What I love about her is that she knows me and is honest. She doesn’t try to sell me something she knows I won’t use. I can tell you I have come a long way with makeup.

    But I feel that investing in good quality makeup is so important (especially if you have super sensitive skin and tend to break out when you try something new).

    P.S. Sorry for the long comment.


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