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Make this Year the Year of MORE

photo by Diana Elizabeth Blog New Years shoe shot star confetti falling

Happy New Year loves! It seems like lately everyone is encouraging one another about stepping back – how to say nodo less, simplify, and I get that, we feel overwhelmed by spreading ourselves thin. But then I did something the other month where for a week I said yes to everything (and I didn’t tell anyone) because I wanted to do more, give more, be at more and just see how that went. I wasn’t stressed, I was happy to do it. Sometimes, saying yes can be a good thing!

So, this year, instead of being the year of less or saying more no’s, I’m going to encourage you to be MORE, and in a way you may actually find is a good thing. Because if we can be real, we need MORE of each other, not less.

May this be a wonderful year for you touching other’s lives and putting MORE of yourself out there.

  • Listen and be MORE attentive to stories
  • Take MORE baths
  • Make MORE plans to connect – to make new friends and reconnect with old
  • Give MORE financially to organizations, churches, those in need
  • Give MORE gifts to let friends and family you are thinking of them, thanking them
  • Say thank you MORE in your love language
  • Give MORE encouragement through comments, likes, cards, or a text to let people know you are cheering for them, praying for them, or thinking about them.
  • Reach out MORE when someone is hurting, experiencing loss, or feeling alone. Be present even if it is in silence.
  • Pay MORE attention to reading people – if they are sad, or recluse.
  • Ask MORE about how people are doing, a simple, How are you? to checking in.
  • Be MORE inclusive, invite MORE people to your dinner table on holidays
  • Take MORE risks and start that dream, you can always go back
  • Take MORE time to be thoughtful through ways you show love whether it’s serving or gifts, slow down and spend a little more time on thank you cards.
  • Pray MORE by setting reminders on your calendar for friend’s special days, surgeries or just weekly reminders about who is on your prayer list.
  • Read MORE, books, blogs, self-help, listen to inspirational podcasts that encourage your heart and mind
  • Put MORE of yourself out there, your creative passions, your thoughts, you are wonderfully made and unique, the world would love to see who God created you to be. ♥

Sending you warmest wishes for a healthy, happy and wonderful 2019. May we look back at a 2018 with gratitude for all the ups and downs, growth and memories that we can take with us into the future!

Sending all my love to you, I’m ready to start sharing MORE xx.

What are you planning on doing MORE of this year? Share in the comments, I’d love to know!

Photo: The sweetest patient 8-year-old belonging to one of my best friends, Michelle.

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