Lovely London

You call people English, not British, FYI, only Americans are the ones who call the Brits, I mean, English, British.  I was happy to return four years later, much sooner than I thought to enjoy this beautiful city.  London is just a 50 minute flight from Dublin so after our Ireland trip we decided to explore London since Melayne has never been.  If you fly into LHR, there’s the Heathrow Express train that takes only 15 minutes above ground and 20 pounds to take you into the train station at Paddington in London.  You can then get a cab to wherever you need.  Super fast and really affordable, the best way to go.

This is my friend Hitch, also known as James.  He is an Irish boy living in London, and a friend I met four years ago when I was in corporate marketing helping open up the London base.  He was spelling Fulham to me, and when he said the letter “H” it sounded like “Hitch” and I wrote, Fulhitcham.  A little confusion back and forth made us realize that he was saying the letter H.  And so, I gave him this name.  I adore old friends, even when they have the guts to ask if you’re wearing pajamas when you’re wearing flowy jogging pants.  That English bluntless, sheesh – wouldn’t sound as nice if they didn’t have a nice accent to get away with it.


Melayne and I jumped on a double decker Big Bus Tour to enjoy the sights.  Your 24-hour ticket doesn’t start until you get on your first bus stop and they scan it.  We got the 48-hour pass.


We were suggested by a sales person from Fortnum & Mason to check out Sketch.  Um, let’s just say the place is a trip, like Alice in Wonderland on acid.  The egg pods?  Oh, that’s the bathroom and that’s where you do your thing as a man talks to you and tells you what type of animal you are hatching into.

london-travel-blogger-photos-england-002 london-travel-blogger-photos-england-003

A few more sights after detour shopping…


Ah, the Parliament!


We also saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace which I was thrilled to finally see.  When I went in October they had just changed the schedule, wasting my time of freezing my tush off as I waited at the gates.  Make sure you check the schedule and times before you go!

london-travel-blogger-photos-england-007 london-travel-blogger-photos-england-008 london-travel-blogger-photos-england-009

My favorite structure in all of London, Westminster Abbey.  I think I love it so much because of all the royalty happenings that have taken place here.  I love the royals!

london-travel-blogger-photos-england-010 london-travel-blogger-photos-england-011

This is on the side of the building and I had to take another photo of it.

Melayne also had this thing with jumping in front of things – castles, structures, it was hilarious.  By the fourth time I had to time it, I nailed it and I could probably catch her in perfect jumping form by the first shot.  My speedy trigger finger helped especially in very busy situations when there were a ton of people observing us crazy Americans.


After hot dogs on the lawn of Westminster, we jumped on a little cruise that was included in our Big Bus Tour and headed over to the Tower of London.  Here’s the London Eye.


This is not London Bridge. I repeat, Americans, stop getting it confused.  This is the Tower Bridge, it’s beautiful.


Now this is is the London Bridge.  Not so impressive right?  I know it seems suiting that a nursery song would be after the pretty bridge, but it’s not.  The bridge is even labeled probably due to people mistaking it constantly, can you see it below the arches?


Behold, the Tower of London!  Where the kings and queens lived, beheaded people, where hangings occurred, lots of murders of royalty and well, home to The Crown Jewels. Built in the early 1080s, it’s been lived in by successful monarchs. It was spectacular to check out especially since I hadn’t done this the last time I was here.

london-travel-blogger-photos-england-017 london-travel-blogger-photos-england-019 london-travel-blogger-photos-england-020london-travel-blogger-photos-england-023

I was not allowed to take any photos inside – just incase I were to attempt to pull an Oceans Twelve.


This guard was totally looking at our selfie screen by the way.  I’m sure he was super curious how my LCD screen flipped up on my Sony NEX-5R so we could see ourselves. I tell you, that selfie screen sure has come in handy!

We rode the tube and walked through Kensington Gardens, another favorite place of mine.  This is where lots of royalty have lived, including the late Princess Diana until her death.  It was closed by the time we got there, but you can’t do London in 3 days, there’s just too much to see.  We walked all the way through Kensington Gardens and into Hyde Park before shopping for the evening and retiring to our hotel, Flemings Mayfair.
london-travel-blogger-photos-england-026 london-travel-blogger-photos-england-027

But of course.

London, I hope to see you again real soon, you are just as lovely as I remembered.

Equipment used: Sony NEX-5R (c/o), 50mm f1/.816mm f/2.8 + 18-55mm (c/o).

Diana Elizabeth was told that Americans stand out because we are well manicured and groomed with good hair and makeup, and we also have straight white teeth.  

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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    Really very happy to say,your post is very interesting to read.I never stop myself to say something about it.You’re doing a great job.Keep it up.

  • Judy

    Awesome post! This is definitely something that I want to experience- like, right now! I too agree with Regan, that selfie with the photo-bombing guard made me chuckle. You two made for some super stylish travelers :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Judy! Hahaha! I need to put an extra photo under to show a zoom up of him to really show his eyes looking at us. Melayne tried to put her hand under him like she was holding him and I couldn’t stop laughing to take the pic.

  • angel swanson

    I need to see Sketch!! haha I love quirky stuff like that. I’m also loving Melayne’s jump shots. ;-)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Haha, Sketch is quite the interesting place – we ate in the front room…Melayne video’d herself via iPhone when she discovered the bathroom, it was hilarious!! I think you’d find it adorable, the food was great :)

  • Nikki

    London sounds amazing – I’ve always wanted to go there too but I have heard it’s not all that impressive. However, after reading your blog and seeing your lovely photos (especially of the royals – LOVE the royalty) I am DETERMINED to go there soon – your photos are beautiful! :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Nikki! Melayne’s niece said she didn’t like London and when Melayne got there she said, “She was crazy! Seriously?” I absolutely love London! There’s so much history and AWESOME shopping there. Not sure if you saw my travel souvenir post but Fortnum and Mason as well as Liberty London are must-sees. Also Harrod’s if you can catch it while it’s open! It’s definitely worth experiencing, I am addicted to London! :)

  • Regan Carter

    Well, you have certainly left me wanting to visit London!! (Love the selfi/guard photo! Absolutely hilarious!)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Regan! Oh you most definitely should! If you go, take a few days to explore Paris (if you have never been) as well! It’s just under 2 hours of a chunnel ride via Eurostar and you should spend at least 4 days in Paris too! I always like to see what else is around so it’s not just one place :)


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