in the garden cutting roses //chai floral leather booties in black FitFlop cute booties and garden booties too with a pink tubtrug liberty London scarf in hair

Love for Roses

I got sucked into a French gardening show, Monty Don’s French Gardens on Netflix last winter. When the host mentioned roses being in every French garden, I immediately logged onto David Austin’s website on my laptop from the couch and placed an order for 5 root roses. They were delivered this week, and I’m planting them today.

Five is still less than the 8 I had originally wanted.

Side note: I’m beyond overdue for a France trip.

We ripped out the cat’s claw vines over our trellis that goes over our gate to the alleyway, a vine we had planted over 5 years ago and it had truly grown into an untamed and unruly plant to the point we couldn’t open one side of the gate. The vines quickly went from romantic English garden vibe to scary haunted neglected corner. I mentioned to Benjamin I thought we should rip it out and the next day he started. I think he’d been waiting for an excuse to clean up that area.

I went out there to help, joined by Steven, our sweet teen neighbor who often pops in to say hello, helps us with yard work.

Anyway, we will keep the cat’s claw on the wood fence since it’s established and not creating much of a hassle, but it’s nice to remove that cat’s claw around that gate. I want to spray paint the gate white to fresh it up and consider spray painting the wood colored boards to white now that our wood fence is white.

Another task for another day. Want to see what I’m planting today?

Wollerton Old Hall (cream climber) / Lady of Shalott (apricot-yellow) / James Galway (thornless pink climber)

Zephirine Drouhin (thornless pink) / Bathsheba (short climber apricot)
Photos via David Austin

We are obviously going to keep an eye on Bathsheba *wink*

Meanwhile, as I plant these roses to replace other plants, I would tell you where I’m putting them but you don’t have my backyard memorized like I do, so I’ll spare those details and show you later.

So why do I order from David Austin Roses instead of simply purchasing roses at the nursery? I have lots of roses from the nursery, I buy from there too. There are just a few rose types from David Austin that have roses that boast more petals that I enjoy. Nothing more than that.

in the garden cutting roses //chai floral leather booties in black FitFlop cute booties and garden booties too with a pink tubtrug liberty London scarf in hair

These roses above is the Queen Elizabeth, I bought it from a nursery but you can also get it online at David Austin here. These have 40 petals – I prefer 100+ but these are still stunning – long stems and this vibrant pink rose, it makes me happy seeing it from every corner of the yard.

You can find some David Austin roses at local nurseries, but I don’t mind ordering them online now and waiting for them to arrive during planting season. Sure they arrive as roots and 10″ sticks (I once waited for my other two rose bushes to arrive and realized all 3 were in a bag, how tragic), and it takes some sweet patience to dig holes large enough and ensure they are well planted to survive.

If gardening teaches you any life lesson, it’s patience and humility as you realize you don’t know everything there is to know as you slowly kill things one by one until you learn for next season.

Here’s a quick explanation of bare root roses on my Instagram stories –

This is my third order. My first order failed and I’ve killed many online plants. Womp womp. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and have a great weekend! xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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