Tormented Love for Zephyr Magazine

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A few weeks ago I did a collaboration with some great talent for the February issue of Zephyr magazine – free download here.  I wore incredible floral crowns and arm ornament by Hoot and Holler, had makeup and hair done by Stephanie Neiheisel, and a great stylist Jennifer O’Bannon all captured by an incredible photographer, Michelle Herrick!

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Yes my fingers are black like I have the black plague, it was awesome!  I’ve never modeled in such an avant-garde way, expressionless in my face but using body language to portray a feeling.

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Modeling jobs have dynamic ranges across the board.  I’m thankful that my first job with my LA agency when I was 21, was quite horrific. I pretty much looked liked a cracked out clown in a red frayed dress with frizzy hair and I just had to grin and pose and look all mad.  That experience made me realize that sometimes you just play a role, you act, and most of all, you do your job!

I then started to take a different appreciation for modeling and acting – it was more about delivering a character rather than always looking like a prom queen or Cover Girl, that’s what I’ve started to really enjoy about it.

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Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • polyana

    OMG DEEE I was thinking about you this weekend too. I should call you one of these days. HA now Im literally going to work every morning …. I have been soo busy at the studio that I miss those days when”getting up every morning to go to “work” was just “an excuse” lol :) I hope all is well! miss you guys:) poly

    • Diana Elizabeth

      call anytime!! I was just texting Alan last night about lenses, but I’m still just as confused and can’t make a decision ;) Next year we should go to WPPI, that would be fun! I kinda wanted to go this year only if I could get a free ticket. That didn’t happen ;) If you buy a full price one at $400, you get additional ones, 3 I think for $150 or so, so we could always split it!

  • polyana

    I loveeee these! You rock as a model! WOW

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Awwww, lovie you!! Benjamin and I were just talking about you this past weekend and that one story you have about getting up every morning to go to “work”… ;) You’re the best! Miss you soooo much! xoxo

  • Mailinh

    Love the photos (you look stunning)! Did being a photographer help you with posing along with getting into the part?

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Thanks M! I think being a model helps me more as a photographer than the other way around. The acting experience and previous dance experience helped with the posing for this situation, it was definitely stretching me :) I still need to be stretched and get out of my comfort zone, hoping a few acting classes will help!

  • Sheila

    These are awesome photos!


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