Dress: Lush (on sale for $18! Find M and L size here)  / Hat: Cuyana / Heels: Charles David (similar) / Bag: Cult Gaia
Necklace: Shane Co.
 / Bracelet: J.Crew / Earrings: J.Crew

Where did Romy and Michele’s high school reunion take place? Tucson! Where did Britney Spear’s mom in the movie Crossroads live that was the destination of their road trip? Tucson! I would list more movies but you get the point. Tucson is that little spot mentioned but for those of you who don’t live in Arizona, it’s 2 hours south of Phoenix – and the home of my alma mater!

The Lodge on the Desert invited Benjamin and I headed down to Tucson to relax. It’s been around since 1930 and hosted famous people while they filmed at nearby sets, those western movies staring John Wayne, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Newman and more! How cool is that? Film stars and crew have stayed on this property. I still have strong ties to Tucson, I created a lot of longtime relationships and wonderful memories when I was in college. I was incredibly active at my university with clubs and activities.

I have a strong love obsession with Beyond Bread – the most amazing sandwich bakery – so visiting Tucson is always nice for us. We ate there two days in a row ha! The Betty’s Brie on sliced sourdough bread is my fav.

The Lodge on the Desert is a boutique hotel and it’s by everything – close to the UofA campus, Park Mall, restaurants, the zoo (which we visited on Friday night) and other big nearby stores. So if you ever head down for a game – say your team plays rivalry my Wildcats – and you need to stay some place, check out this adorable hotel. Our suite was very large with about 10 foot if not higher ceilings and so much room! I would describe it as a casita but for anyone not from Arizona who doesn’t know what that is, it’s pretty much like a small guest house! There are a variety of different rooms of course – some were adorable by the new cactus garden.

The property is currently undergoing $1 million in renovation to be completed this year and I cannot imagine how it can look any cuter.

We visited with my Little Sis who I met when I was in college, my former local pageant director when I was a Miss America local titleholder (I was Miss Southeast Arizona) and a really good longtime friend who moved from Phoenix and her husband is now the defensive coach for the UofA football team. You can say I keep in touch with everyone – friendships are so important to me and if we are good friends chances are we’ll be friends for a lifetime!

Here’s the stunning cactus garden. We first saw it at night and we were like – wow! This little path alone is worth the visit and taking some knock-out photos of desert scenery. I want this at my house now, go figure.

The rooflines, and the cactus desert landscape are so charming and really showcase the southwest beautifully. I spotted these stairs that I think went up to a room and now want to figure out a way to make a second story in our home so we can have tiles like this!

The hotel is also by a historic district so we drove around the older homes. These historic homes are true southwestern style homes and I felt like I would have seen them in a movie! They are so unique and as a home lover, I can appreciate all different types of architecture for their uniqueness and time period – so definitely drive by, it’s on the corner of Broadway and Alvernon right across from the hotel.

We also checked out the restaurant, the new executive chef David Solorzano created a brand new menu showcasing Southern Arizona ingredients. This is a new little entrance to the restaurant for the public right off the main parking lot.

You enter and find this cute landscape! Look at the snake made out of rocks!

We tried the goose Foie Gras, duck breast and hanger steak. I’m a huge duck lover – and this was done well! Bravo.

I also drank a cactus flower iced tea – because why not! I love unique menu items.

The getaway was just what we needed – comfy beds and pillows – you know how I feel about that! Weekend trips are good to break up every life, you come back refreshed from busyness and distractions like – laundry, computer, and organizing.

Thank you to The Lodge On the Desert for hosting us!