Short hair + travel backpack


I’ve joined the long bob trend – aka “the lob” or as articles are now referring to the trend now as, “the cool girl haircut” which I’m not sure I can live up to. Now with shorter, darker hair, and whiter teeth, you would’ve thought I’ve gone through a breakup or something (no, still married to Mr. Wonderful). Remember, never cut your hair after a breakup!

This hair though, it takes way more work now than it did when it was long – I’m telling you. I owe my bravery to two things: (1) Realizing my hair was a security blanket and doing whatever it takes to get rid of that nonsense and (2) My agency who said my hair should be kept at a certain length – and I did where they said but recently just decided a wee bit shorter might be fun!

I dyed my hair darker after I visited my friend who went to cosmetology school (link) and she took me to a store to buy all the professional products. I am so glad I’m saving money now, and it’s so great to have a friend who went to cosmetology school to get an education in cosmetology and has all the secrets – it’s like the best beauty and fashion advisor/friend to have!


Moving on.

It’s taken everything in me to not unload my fall clothing into my closet right now. See my nails? Fall color. I need to put away my “resort wear” which I really do have a section for that, until early April (Thailand). Some of it I’m not crazy about but you know I’m going to hold onto it so I can leave it on my trip – I’m notorious for leaving my clothes overseas to make room for shopping. It really makes perfect sense, especially if I’m attempting to do it all in a backpack.

Oh, speaking of that (rabbit trail hope you don’t mind), I thought I found the travel companion –¬†Timbuk2 Navigator Duffel Bag:


Oh wait for it, this is what it would look like on my back:


Hahhahahaaa. I’m laughing at myself. Here’s the deal, I don’t have to wear it as a backpack really, there’s just this one part of the trip where it’s going to be crazy and I sure as heck don’t want to be rolling a bag, that’s definitely not happening with the flights and boats I’m taking. I haven’t bought it yet, I still want to see what the 2016 bag will look like.

Then, when I told my dad and showed him, he was listening and I told him my plan – the backpack minimal plan.

“And dad, I am probably going to leave my pajamas and underwear there too,” I explained.

“You might not even wear it!” he said.

He thought it was too humid and hot when he went with my mom a few years ago.

So now I’m back to the idea of a rolling backpack. *sigh* Recommendations are appreciated.

I’m enjoying time in Nor Cal back home with my parents and pup for the next week and also seeing those I love so much – high school girlfriends and my college bestie! It’s my last big trip and summer comes to an end, and then, GARDEN POSTS GALORE!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Don

    Looking great! Hope the chomper sensitivity has returned somewhat to normal!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Don! Ah, I bleached one more time after and didn’t brush my teeth before or after (though I had to finger brush all the gel off after) and it worked so much better!!!!!! Thanks for the well wishes ;)


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