An afternoon indulgence

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Did I ever tell you my story about how I came to love coffee? It was a very confusing process, you see. My Yun Yun had these delicious coffee candies as many grandmas do, and I loved them as all little children do. One morning when I elementary school age, I was eating breakfast and my dad brewed his usual cup of coffee – black, usually.

“Mmmmm, that smells good,” I said.
“Try it,” my dad suggested.

I took a sip, and I couldn’t swallow. I ran to the kitchen sink, making spitting noises as my dad laughed.

I never drank coffee again, not even through college until one day, a coworker suggested an iced vanilla latte and then I was hooked. I would get one on my way to work, grab another for lunch as a reward – an incentive to get me through the day. I was going through a tortured time in my career – battling wanting to leave my corporate job in marketing to go out on my own and do graphic design and photography full time. Coffee stops at the time, became my excuse to take a break or a reward for sticking it through.

Then, there was my 10-day South of France trip which made me love espresso shots after lunch. Have you ever picked up habits from a trip, or something you learned from another country that now works into your daily routine?


Thin or small cookies are always a great treat with a shot of espresso – especially since the cup is quite petite. There’s something to be said about the charm of daintiness.

Now that I work at home on my own schedule, coffee and snacks become more of an indulgence and the caffeine is fuel to keep doing what I love through the day, opposed to an incentive to continue showing up to work! I even have to make myself take a lunch break or else I’ll work all day without stopping.


How I relax while working from home:

  • Turn on Pandora’s “relaxation radio” station – it’s like being at a spa!
  • Clean/organize desk – put papers, receipts, pens away or make stacks
  • Head to kitchen and make a drink and snack
  • If necessary, go through paper piles and organize, I find this relaxing too!
  • No checking email for at least 15 minutes, it can wait.
  • Catch up on some of my favorite blogs.

Have you checked out the new OREO Thins? It’s like the cookie Gods just knew my espressos needed a buddy.

They come in three flavor varieties: original, mint and golden. Mint is my absolute favorite! They are thinner in comparison to the signature OREO and a little crispy, but not like a chip, just thinner all around – the cookie and the filling. It’s enough to hit the sweet craving and it’s the biscuit cookie to my espresso.


I think they are also very pretty.

I stopped into CVS after picking up some lunch to go, and needed a few more beauty products for a trip. I have an awesome habit of going in for one thing and coming out with twenty. Your story too?


When you are on the hunt for them, just stand there and look carefully, it can be tricky to find them since there are many OREO versions so just take your time – they are there! Find OREO on Facebook.

Enter this giveaway to win! Imagine all the OREO Thins you could buy with your winnings!

Oreo Thins at CVS

I’ve shared how I plan to take a time out with new, thinner, crispier, OREO Thins from CVS- now tell me which flavor you’d like to take a break with!

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


  • Jenna Wood

    This looks like a great way to unwind- I agree, cookies and coffee are a treat when working from home! #client

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Jenna – Yes! Add the perfect Pandora station and it’s like transported elsewhere for a moment ;)

  • Stephanie Young

    OREOs are my guilty pleasure! The neopolitan flavor are TO DIE FOR.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Stephanie, WHAT??!! I just learned something new. There are currently four bags of OREOs on our kitchen counter, haha! I’ll have to try that next time I’m at the store!

  • amy gallagher

    girls night! I like the le flavors :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Ah, girl’s night is the best ;) Although I hope you like girls night + Benjamin because he wants to hang out too, haaha!

  • Mailinh

    I just tried the Golden Oreo Thins and love them. I wanted to get mint, but they ran out.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I tried the Gold OREO Thins for the first time too! You have to go back and get mint, you won’t regret it! When you do, tell me which you prefer ;) I’d love to know!

  • Amy Carney

    I love these new thins! I didn’t realize they come in so many different flavors! Looks like I need to get in CVS soon. Yummy!

  • amy

    yes definitely! :D

  • April Maura

    Your strategies of relaxing are great reminders: relaxing music on Spotify, a refreshing drink, yummy snack or checking up on a blog. =)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi April! Seeing your name in my comments makes me so happy – recently saw a session of your posted on Mastin Labs as I was curious about their actions. I am so proud of you – we should catch up soon, I’d love to hear how God is working in your business!! xo!


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