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Pike place market Seattle WashingtonSeattle, Washington

Hi loves, I’m sitting here after hosting Easter and watching The Office in the expansion room. My heart is full, and I have been doing so much these past few weeks I wanted to check in. Thank you for your support this month. Work has been abundant and while I was in Albuquerque for a week, I still had work posts and also when I was in Seattle last week visiting a girlfriend, still had work posts.

I have a few more and then I hope to slow down a little. The hardest part is with what I do, you never want the momentum to stop – but I look forward to the slowness of days so I can reorganize, sleep more, and actually have time to be bored.

I’m glad to have taken my breaks though. I have so much to just shared and verbal vomit. I remember sharing blog posts that have little to no purpose (early days of blogging) but I miss just writing out to the internet. So, with no agenda in mind, let’s just talk.

  • I almost cried a few times during Easter service on Saturday. I thought about a lot of things, things I wish I didn’t think about or remember. But then I look at the beautiful side of it and I am filled with gratitude. I want to share my testimony about how I came to know the Lord in my mid-twenties. After comes some pain but I am so grateful. I have amazing best friends by my side and a Godly husband and a relationship with Christ and that is such a gift and worth the journey getting here.
  • I’m super behind on emails and organization. My photo studio is a mess, it’s more of a storage unit with junk I need to drop off donations. My home office is disorganized. There is an abundance of papers everywhere. This is not typical of my lifestyle. I came home from Seattle late at night to organize and clean for Easter and I just haven’t had a moment to prioritize the other stuff. I cannot tell you how difficult this is for me but this is where I’m at.
  • I finished binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and I’m sad it’s over. I’ve really enjoyed this show keeping me company while I blogged and edited images over the past month and now I feel like my friends are gone. *sigh* Binge watching always leaves me sad when it’s over.
  • I wore this camel coat in Seattle which was the second time I have in two years. I love neutrals but I realize I need to pair it with a pop of color (like adorable fashion blogger Thalita¬†here). So I just placed an order for some bright colored bodysuits when I bring this same coat with me to Japan and Taiwan in the new year.

Seattle, Washington

  • I have a house cleaning tip. Our home looked like a tornado went through it (all due to me) and I decided to tackle an entire room until I was done before I moved onto the next. First the bathroom, scrub it, empty trash, organize drawers. Then the laundry room, put stuff away. Also, grab a trash bag or donate bag and drag it room to room so you can just dump things in it that don’t bring you joy.
  • I’m thankful for my friendships, including these below. We are committed to each other – communication, respect, love, all of those things have created special bonds. I often catch myself looking around and think look, Benjamin and I don’t have kiddos, but we have a family here – we spent Easter together. This is also why I love living in Phoenix, these are my peeps.

easter 2019^^ Auntie and Uncle life

I came home from Seattle to shoot the next day as a model and then it was rushing around to clean the house (or move things from one room to another). I cannot wait to show you more photos from the tulip festival this week.

Meanwhile, I went nutso on the University of Washington campus. How stunning is this place? I remember coming here around 15 but never recalled how gorgeous it was. Wow. I even bought a t-shirt and Benjamin scolded me because we’re rivals and I was like wait, but we might be in the same conference but it’s not like I am wearing an ASU shirt haha. I have school spirit wherever my dad went to school – which was UW and Michigan.

University of Washington

I stayed in Seattle with this longtime friend of mine – she was the real reason I went up to visit, just some girl time before her baby arrives. I already gushed about her on IG stories but if you missed it, I want to share it again and hope it inspires you.

This is my longtime friend Lie Shia. We met through the Asian American Journalism Association when she was at UW and I was at UofA. She inquired about how I landed an internship at Extra and NBC and so I introduced her and she got an internship at Extra the following year (she’s 1 year behind me). After I graduated college I didn’t have a job waiting for me but my dad insisted he move me down to LA to get a job and Lie Shia told me to bring my resume and walk me through the newsroom again in hopes I would get a job. That’s an incredible friend. Anyone who would help you find a job or try to hook you up that’s gold.

So on that note, I hope you surround yourself with good people. People who are true, and if you are lacking a certain friend, just be that friend to someone else because I promise we’re all looking for that dedicated, sisterly kind of relationship. Keep putting it out and I promise you’ll attract the right kinds of friends, your people, in return.

Hope you have a wonderful week. I hope to be productive and feel like my life is back on track – with a little lounge lazy time because I need that too. xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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