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Aidan tuxedo dress with feather trimAidan Adrianna Papell tuxedo blazer dress with feather trim - Diana Elizabeth blog

Tuxedo Blazer with feather trim: c/o Adrianna Papell – sister line is Aidan/ Size up I’m in size 4
Comes in many colors, black, white, pink, coral, and peacock
Rhinestone slingbacks (on sale)


t’s been a lot of house managing the project – still trying to finish up the outside of the master closet expansion project then we can move inside to try to wrap things up – it’s slow but it’s progress I suppose ;)

I battled the worst sinus infection from who knows, lots of things and I’m at the tail end of it finally and feeling 95% better. I did get a sore throat while working on the garden and in the front yard, most likely from allergies and I think I might have to wear a mask when I do some really big gardening work — wahhhhh. I will also get an allergy test and probably get on the monthly allergy shot thing for a year because they are killing me. I’m the girl who should live in a bubble.

One of my best friends Sommer and I went to the ballet, to see Cinderella at Symphony Hall. It was an invitation to see it and it’s been a while since I’ve been to the ballet! I really enjoyed it because it was all music and no singing! I don’t like musicals at all since I outgrew Disney movies as a child and I have been to plenty of them to realize I don’t like them (I saw Wicked in NYC and a few in Phoenix and Wizard of Oz in Seattle). I do like Wizard of Oz though and that’s it. Anyway, unpopular opinion, but it’s just mine. Most of my friends love musicals so I’m the odd one out ha! The ballet was pleasant to listen to the orchestra and watch dancing and admire pretty costumes!

sitting at the arizona ballet
Aidan blazer tuxedo dress with feather trim
pink blazer dress holiday outfit look

After the ballet we went to Hyatt Regency’s restaurant and ate outside side by side on a cushiony couch splitting a salad and delicious Mac and cheese and it was such a fun night. I think we left around 11 pm! We caught up on life, opinions, shared encouragement and I am just thankful for the opportunities to get together with a friend and spend that quality time. Life has shifted, maybe I’ll go into that later, but it’s a good and different feeling for me as I was telling Sommer. Life is great, I feel very blessed to be in this new unknown, unfamiliar stage. I guess that’s really what life is right, we haven’t experienced what being in our ____ is, or this specific stage of life so we just go with it!

This was before I left to the ballet and realized I needed a bag big enough for snacks. I’m not kidding – I need an evening bag that is large enough for more than a wallet and lipgloss. So I brought out my old LV which is vintage now, I mean probably almost 18 years old? It’s one I won’t let go because my mom and dad got it for me for Christmas and it was sold out everywhere but Miami had to send it out! I still just like it and who cares if there are newer styles out? I have those too, but this one is nostalgic.

feather blazer tuxedo dress Aiden Adrianna Papell

See the flooring being protected? We will be having people come in and out more often soon enough. Insulation, drywall, painters, closet installers, flooring, oh you know…

But I’m having a birthday party for myself in mid November at the house so I hope it is gone by then, they said it will be.

Anyway, I hope you have a great week! Oh, there is free shipping at Alice Lane Home this weekend and if you use my code DIANAELIZABETH at checkout you should get a 15% discount at least (sometimes they do 20% so try it). I just got these faux white orchid stems (there are 9 of them here) and this incredibly heavy and gorgeous flora marble vase, this is the small size there is a larger one! I might need to clip them down a bit more, so I’ll need to grab my wire cutters again. Anyway, I’ll also have to do a gift guide soon as the holidays are coming up!

Alice lane home promo discount code blog

Well, time to clean up around here, the house is a crazy mess so I try to clean it up room by room so I can focus on what I complete. I find that works the best with me being all over the place and feeling like I’m not getting anywhere!

Diana Elizabeth still has an area on her property that needs some kind of plants… something. She’s not done yet which is annoying to her because it’s a “trouble spot” with reflective lighting and a hot box so she’s unsure what can grow there. Perhaps little oleander? 

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