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ell some of you follow me on IG and I just wanted to share some photos on here that I either shared on stories or didn’t share at all. I wish the blog could be my main hub but IG is and that is fine. I just never want to neglect the blog so I try to have different things for each but sometimes it’s double dipping – though the blog always goes into more depth because it’s just better!

Last weekend, I took a floral class at my friend Lauren’s home, there were 5 of us total, which was great, just intimate and fun by Honey Milk and Florals.

Here is a reel I made from that night –

I used a Bunny Williams vessel with Ballard Designs (no longer available) and it was so perfect. I used this vessel in my bathroom during my 40th birthday soiree too and it is just stunning!

milk and honey floral class

It’s on a stool I bought for around $35 at an estate sale for 50% off. I should have taken a photo with my good camera but it can be too much, too many social channels and too many different types of equipment :)

We stopped into Scottsdale Marketplace one of my favorite spots to shop and Benjamin brought Cookie treats (beef jerky) and he was sooooo excited and happy. We asked the owner for permission of course, and he said yes of course and thanked us.

cookie the dog at scottsdale marketplace

And the rest of our store visit went like this –

man walking in antique store with dog following behind him - scottsdale marketplace

It was adorable, the owner was telling Cookie to stop doing that but we didn’t mind it was kind of funny and when Benjamin power walked to get to the car Cookie sped up 😆

I mentioned I was changing up the garden room (it’s almost done) and I bought this new one for $350 at an estate sale. I was bummed it was priced so high but I splurged since I drove all the way up to Scottsdale before a dentist appointment to make it! I then sold my old coffee table to a friend the same day later for the same price so it was like a swap!

oriental tray table found at an estate sale

I stopped by (again) to Antique Gatherings which is moving and I’m sad about it but it’s OK – I just liked how close they were to me. Anyway lots of sales and I found this wood screen and thought how lovely this would be as a garden gate! Of course there’s more to the project so we will see if I ever tackle it.

wood garden gate at antique store

I found a needlepoint pillow that says “FREE” so I took it!

embroidery pillow, vase with flowers on it

And then I found this Italian lamp light and I stood there for 5 minutes, walked away then turned back around to get it. From what I remember it was around $350 and got marked down many times until it was down to $45! Done! There were so many sales because owners of their booth didn’t want to move much and I don’t blame them! Lucky me!

Italian fruit lamp

And I found a spot – on our kitchen island and I tucked the wire under a tray and will use a battery operated puck light to turn it on and off so no wires!

I also bought two of these oriental screens – this is the back of them, the inside is pearl and has men and women and a really gorgeous scenery. One panel is like all women and the other is men and women. I will put caster rollers on them and try to mount them to the doorway between the dining room and the garden room, I got both for $300!

folding screen oriental

Meanwhile just a shot of picking green swatch colors to compliment the guest powder bathroom. I don’t want a perfect match so we will see what I decide. Something fun and cheery!

green paint swatches against Cole and sons wallpaper and "the Louvre" book

And while I have told myself no spending money on clothes until fall, it seems I cannot stop spending on home things and I need to slow down! It’s time to slow down now…

Diana Elizabeth can’t stop creating, there are also many projects she thinks she will do and then doesn’t because after time she realizes that was not a great idea and she was just looking for a project.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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