Leather and Fur


I’m now getting to sharing our Anniversary/Christmas card photos!

This is what I wore – my late paternal grandmother’s mink vest – a piece I saw her wear when I was little, a silk blouse from J.Crew, Cole Haan knee high boots (they also flip up to go over the knee), and found my agate necklace I searched high and low for.  Also pearls given to me by Mr. Wonderful for one of our past anniversaries.

MelissaSchollaert_Diana-Elizabeth-Portraits-048 MelissaSchollaert_Diana-Elizabeth-Portraits-047 MelissaSchollaert_Diana-Elizabeth-Portraits-046

Most of what I’m wearing I’ve owned for a while so I can’t link to the exact product but I will mention a few similar pieces so you can get the same look.  The 14k gold plated cuff has become my signature look, it’s by Bahgsu Jewels.  I am so glad I made the purchase.

The diamond cluster ring also belonged to my grandma.  I’m really thankful to have these family heirlooms made to last generations that I can appreciate.  By wearing them I am constantly reminded of family.

MelissaSchollaert_Diana-Elizabeth-Portraits-045 MelissaSchollaert_Diana-Elizabeth-Portraits-044

My leggings with genuine leather strips is by Alice + Olivia.


I love seeing her initials embroidered in gold inside it, too.  My dad told me my Yun Yun had to dress nice because my grandfather was a pharmacist and had to meet with doctors and their wives so she felt like she needed to dress the fancy part for those dinners.

Here’s she is:


Now I really miss her.  She passed away when I was in junior high.  She used to watch my brother and me when my parents had date night, she would make us mac and cheese, cut to the bottom of my cereal boxes so I could get to the prize faster (those were the good old days!).  This also makes me think about how important photography is, such treasures!


Here are a few pieces if you like the look:

{Photos by Melissa Schollaert / Makeup and hair by Lizzy Marsh}

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Krystal

    Looking for new boots and I love the cuff idea to change the pair up a bit! Your grandma is so pretty (like you!)…love that vintage picture. Love that style.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Krystal! You’re so sweet ;) Let me know what pair you end up getting, I love the cuff too – mine has studs on it so it’s more edgy but it’s still definitely fun. I love how warm they keep me, and I wish flat boots were in when I was in college walking to class ;-)


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