Kristina and Tim Fishin’ for Love

You could say it was every one’s plan for Kristina and Tim to end up together.  One of Kristina’s older sisters had met Tim and knew that he was perfect for her younger sister even though she already had a boyfriend.  The same thought occurred to one of Tim’s buddies.  As fate would have it, a future meeting would happen a few months down the line in May, and sparks flew.  They were inseparable having spent every day that weekend together.  When Tim hopped in his friend’s car after Kristina dropped him off to head to the airport, (the same buddy who knew they’d be perfect together) he said, “I’m going to marry her.”

The two carried on a long distance relationship, Kristina in Arizona, Tim in Virginia.  They hopped on the 4 hour flights for a good while, then a job opened up in Arizona and Tim made the big move.

“It was from the Holy Spirit,” Tim recalls when he was driving on the 303 this past spring.  He remembered exactly where he was.   Out of nowhere, he felt someone, something, God, was telling him it was time to propose.  A little hesitant only because he hadn’t quite planned on it being only a year after meeting Kristina, he waited a week – just to be sure it was from up above.

Then as he was preparing to propose, he accidentally dropped the ring.  Scrambling, Kristina wasn’t sure what was going on.  Then when she saw the ring as Tim was in the middle of asking her she blurted out, “YES!” before he finished saying, “…marry me?”

Tim, not being a huge date person like myself, was suddenly reminded that evening by Kristina that it was exactly that very day they met a year ago.  So you could say it was every one’s plan, most importantly, God’s.

So much cuteness I can’t stand it, click here to view the session’s slideshow!

Location: L’Auberge de Sedona / Lace Dress, Necklace & Scarf: Anthropologie / Bracelet: Dillard’s / Zinc Letters: Anthropologie / Cupcakes: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark II / 50mm f/1.2L / 85 f/1.8EF / 35mm f/1.4 L

Diana Elizabeth works closely with brides for their shoots – including wardrobe.  When Kristina text her a picture of the lace dress Diana had just looked at the dress a week earlier at Anthro then she just knew they were going to have an amazing shoot together.

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  • Bethany Giannini

    Oh I love your style! I came across you from Facebook via Ribbons of Red. Your descriptive words fit perfectly and I think Renee did a fantastic job. :)

  • Kristina Hines

    Oh my heavens I am dying!!!!!! When my alarm went off at 4:30, I sprung out of bed faster than ever to check your blog! These pictures are a dream. I am so in awe of the wonderful gift God blessed you with and I am so thankful for your talent and passion. Thank you thank you Diana! November 5th can’t come fast enough :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Kristina, you made me laugh! I love it!!!! 4:30, what on Earth girly?? I actually don’t want to post any more on my blog so you and Tim can stay up top and every one can see. My favorite e-session. EVER. I say that with each one I do, but seriously this was so great not only because of the photos but the time we shared – especially at the end when Tim gave his shot suggestions ;) Yay for November 5! xx

  • Savannah Hayes

    Absolutely beautiful photos. The story is so amazing, what a beautiful testimony to God’s direction!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Savannah! So amazing isn’t it? I love hearing how God moves and brings people together and to see the light of Him in my couple’s lives and relationship absolutely warms my heart. I’m so blessed to be working with this couple!

  • Julie Rogers

    Amazing job!

  • Brittany Elkins

    Diana this is SO beautiful and cute! Its so creative! Love love love your work! You’re such an inspiration!

  • Brenna

    I have tears in my eyes Di! These pics are amazing–but I’m not surprised. Congrats Kristina & Tim! Marriage is an amazing gift from God and when you keep Him in the center of your relationship you can’t go wrong! xoxo

  • Renee

    Absolutely gorgeous! You have such an eye for what you do. Your clients are lucky to have you as not only a photographer but a willing stylist too—double WIN!

  • Greg V

    Great photos, and a lovely couple. Thank you for sharing these, we will link with our Facebook and Twitter accounts!
    L’Auberge de Sedona


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