Come over and find me under some boxes.  I’m moving!

  • Had a great photoshoot for PHOENIX magazine starring my former bride Jami and Page & Mason‘s Amy at Luci’s Marketplace.  Look for the shot in the November issue!  They were just gorgeous!
  • Having a bad day?  Repeat after me. “Lalala, whatever.  Lalala, it doesn’t matter.  Lalala, oh well, lalala!”  Those are the words in the chorus in the song “Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae makes me laugh and gives me the best perspective about things that don’t always go your way.
  • As I have been packing to make my official move into the new home (it’s true, I have not yet moved, am waiting until after my first fall wedding this year), I want to know just how many toiletries does one girl need?  Apparently DRAWERS full.  Aye. I’m not sure if I have enough skin to use all of what I have.  Ridic.
  • More than once Mr. Wonderful has said to me, “Please don’t blog about this.”  Funny.  And now you’re all wondering why, aren’t you? *wink*
  • For those dating or engaged, or even single, please pick up the book Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Champman – the author of The 5 Love Languages.  It is absolutely amazing and Mr. Wonderful and I had a great time going through it and really discussing a lot of topics.  This is a must read.
  • Recently I woke up and thought, “I really hate myself for saying yes.” Learning how to say no is really tough but sometimes you have to keep your sanity, remember that. And of course sometimes, you just need to put on joy and feel incredibly blessed for the opportunity.  Choose your attitude.
  • Knowing what God has done for me in the past to give me today and this bright future only calms my soul and reassures me to not be scared and to trust Him and every situation in my life.  Lord, you have my entire heart and soul, and I trust you.
  • A little worried I am one of those people who constantly takes pictures of their food and then posts about it.  Why do people care?  They don’t.  Somehow, I think they do, or I think my food is artwork.  I need to stop this, no one on Instagram cares, right?  Except for those amazeballs Nutella Banana Crepes at Taylor’s Cafe.
  • Sometimes a spa day with your long time girlfriends, Club MED (stands for Melissa, Emily & Diana) is the best.  We go so so so many years back and have spent most of our Labor Day weekends together, having moved from LA to Phoenix and being split up that we always make time at least once a year to spend an entire 3-day together eating, laughing, and having the best conversations.  It was exactly what my heart needed.

Diana Elizabeth ordered her custom sectional from Pottery Barn.  They do not arrive until mid-November.  Which means, her birthday party is now pushed to December, post-Maui.  You may all come over and admire her tan and tell her she doesn’t look a day over 30.  Or perhaps say 29 because that might make more sense.

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.

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