kitchen armoire pantry from Ballard Designs brown furniture wood

Kitchen Pantry Armoire

n the corner of our kitchen, right by the laundry room door – which is also our main door we use getting in and out of the house, we had a cute French shopkeeper’s shelving (that’s what it’s called on the site). Once we expanded our house with the garden room, we lost that window, so I moved the bookcase to the opposite wall. Then it started to pile up a lot of junk and became less styled and sometimes styling something makes little sense when you actually need the storage for extra coffee pods, bread and your kitchen cabinets and drawers are overflowing. The more you live in a place, the more you realize you need storage.

This shelving unit from Wisteria was definitely cute when I first moved in and barely had enough stuff (also proof we need to consume less and donate more!) The hunt began for the perfect hidden cabinet.

kitchen armoire pantry from Ballard Designs brown furniture wood Casa Florentina Josephina Bonnet Top Armoire

I found this Casa Florentina Josephina Bonnet Top Armoire from Ballard Designs. They have since come out with kitchen pantries, but I still feel like this one fit our needs. It was toss up between the blue or the brown cabinet. You know me, I am and will always be a fan of brown furniture. Antiques, European, traditional, that’s me. With painted furniture, I think it has to be done well to not look like you got it from a garage sale (honestly, doesn’t it have to be done well?)

It’s beautiful. I will warn you, the legs do not come on the bottom when it arrives. You have to do that yourself. And when I did that myself, alone (because Benjamin was out of town and I have an inch of patience), I lost a diamond in my ring (thankfully found it the next day!). I titled the cabinet side to side and slid books under each side until I had it propped up to screw on the legs. Yep. I’m pretty independent. My back and legs hurt so bad the next but man I felt great like I really worked out haha! Anyway, just wanted to let you know the technique with it, if you order it and attempt to assemble it solo.

kitchen armoire organization kitchen pantry blared designs Casa Florentina Josephina Bonnet Top Armoire wine glasses organization kitchen pantry armoire Ballard Designs Casa Florentina Josephina Bonnet Top Armoire

I had bought a wood wine glass mount but our glasses are so trendy that the bottoms were too big to slide in. I had to return it and scoured the internet for a good looking one and found this wrought iron wine glass rack on Amazon that worked perfectly for $20! I wanted to move the wine glasses out of our cabinet since we there are too many and I felt like they needed to be in a separate area away from every day glassware.

I moved the few cookbooks that I own to this armoire as well which opened up another cupboard by my stove for more spices and things.

pineapple clip inside cabinet

I found this pineapple clip on Etsy! I mounted it in the inside of the cabinet to avoid clutter but as a place to tack up any kind of notes, coupons or mail to send out.

Below, you can see this wood tray we picked up a vintage store. We paid so much for it. Like probably $65. I know. But it looks so unique and it’s old and an antique so that is Benjamin’s “catch all” where he puts his keys, cigar cutters, matches, whatever he wants. I put a vintage jar from France in it for his change. The basket behind is from France.

inside kitchen armoire organization Casa Florentina Josephina Bonnet Top Armoire

The shelves below are home to additional entertaining platters that don’t fit in the buffet in our dining room because it’s full. These items are more on hand for me to use daily for blog recipes and presentation.

Cake platters are Martha Stewart from Macy’s, and the bottom marble and wood cake stand is from Target. The pink candy jar is from my mom’s collection. She gave me 8 and I have realized I don’t need all 8 so I’m slowing parting them and gifting them to girlfriends I think will treasure them. I will keep one.

cake stands inside kitchen pantry armoire

water bottles organization in the kitchen armoire

I also got to move our water bottles out of a kitchen drawer! So here we are – these black stackable baskets with labels are also from The Container Store. I went with darker colors because I wanted an old antique vibe.

My fruit basket is from Joss & Main a long time ago. The tip top shelf are my DIY cheese boards which are good for burgers, pizza, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa entertaining.

kitchen armoire pantry from Ballard Designs brown furniture wood Casa Florentina Josephina Bonnet Top Armoire

On the outside, I had to put some personality on the side. I know, I screwed and nailed into that beautiful wood. I’m no stranger to doing this sort of thing to my cabinetry, walls, or doors. I’m a very much, it’s mine, I’ll do what I want, haha!

The orange ceramic wall pocket I found on Etsy, I was looking for something like it for years and I have had it for years not knowing where to mount it! Check out the other wall pockets I found on Etsy at the end of this post.

I also picked up the Italian chalkboard from an antique store, and the little picture frame too. I also found this hook in an antique store. I just collect things as I see them and know I’ll find purpose for them.

hook detail

kitchen armoire pantry from Ballard Designs brown furniture wood Casa Florentina Josephina Bonnet Top Armoire

And that’s it! What do you think? As always if you have question about anything just ask in the comments!


Diana Elizabeth wrote a post on how to find a lost diamond. It might not appeal to everyone which is fine, but trust her when she says she was googling and landing on a ton of websites trying desperately to find solutions to find her missing diamond.

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