everything bagel pool floatie

Just add water: San Diego Trip

everything bagel pool floatie

We headed to San Diego to visit one of my best friends Michelle (food blogger) and one in my army of friends who patiently takes my photos – I have the bestest friends ever! Benjamin booked his flight last minute when he heard his company was closing down for a few days and I’m so glad he did!

I was out there for five days and Benjamin came out for three and the weather was just wonderful. I don’t mean to sound sappy but when I travel back to California I just think of my childhood like this is how summers are supposed to be. It’s just not fair to the poor kiddos who live in places where it’s unseasonably hot during the summer and they can’t go out and play the months they have off! I would say year-round school then (that’s what I did growing up for elementary in Nor Cal).

Anyway, cheers to the fourth, cheers to America for being the great country we are and I am a very proud American. I am thankful for our freedoms and the people who serve for our country to protect our freedoms and safety. We are so blessed to live in this country.

fourth of July outfit star flip flops by tkees

Vacations for me still mean “work” because why not – I got dressed and ready and brought my fun clothes and the weather outside is tolerable to take photos. If I didn’t take some of these breaks in other places I wouldn’t have much content for you, they would all be from inside my house, haha.

Did I tell you I am not buying clothes this month? I did however buy a few accessories like party stuff for blogging of course, and a killer pair of floral earrings from Anthro, got them in white!This is when Benjamin points out I just transferred my addiction to something else. Meh…

It’s been hard not to buy clothes but it’s also made me wear the clothes I own. I also can’t move my clothes on the rod any more which might mean I need to put away fall clothes, move coats, or donate more. I’ve listed more on my Poshmark closet and it’s slowly moving. I even sold a Chanel purse I haven’t used for ever. That cash will go toward my office closet that will be installed next month.

Right Image – Wearing: Lilly Pulitzer wrap (c/o) / Earrings: Forever 21 / Sunglasses: Chloe dupes / Tank: Lilly Pulitzer / Linen Pants: Lilly Pultizer

Michelle is an incredible cook, just one of the many of her talents. When she and Mike used to live in Phoenix I would be over at their house every week, total third wheel and not caring because my belly got fed and I got to hang out with them. It’s been great to see their family grow and I am incredibly close with their kiddos. My friend’s kids make auntie life the best life! Benjamin said the other night how amazing of a mom Michelle is and he said, “Does it get better than Michelle?” like really, he saw how hard she works everyday preparing amazing meals, teaching the kids and all the effort that goes into everything she does from daily activity with the kids to hosting us. We love you Michelle!

We played games, ate at a brewery outdoors and enjoyed some live music by a cover band and Avery requested John Mayer for me haha! They played Your Body is a Wonderland. Made my night!

A few iPhone pics I took from the week. It was fun to see a neighborhood parade and kids were throwing candy and I totally got in on that. There was one kiddo who kept following a float and he came around the corner! He’s my hero.

Stay classy San Diego! xx

San Diego wall sign in La Jolla by sugarfina

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