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I’m party planning over here. One of my best friends is having her fourth child, she already has three beautiful, sweet as angel boys and the fourth one coming is a girl! I know everyone is just so excited and I love that my friends are having babies because being Auntie is seriously a fun and honorable role to have and my friends should have a zillion children because they are each incredible people that need to reproduce. That’s how I feel about everyone having babies!

Since this is the fourth baby, to be named Elle, and it’s getting hot already, I decided an ice cream sprinkle would be a good idea. Get it? Baby sprinkle, ice cream sprinkles, yeah yeah.


I suggested Jennifer register at, it’s a great wedding, baby and gift registry and works with any store in the world. Isn’t that so nice, that way you don’t have to pick a favorite store, you can register for anything you want on one place – so you can register to your heart’s content! You can also register for cash gifts by creating a cash fund – it can help with a nursery fund, home fund, or honeymoon.

Here’s an example of what a baby registry looks like.

I found these cute treat cups and table covers from the Target Spritz line. I can’t find them online so you have to go to the store.


I can’t show everything just yet but will share more pics next month when I throw the sprinkle – it’ll be an evening event on the patio so we can enjoy the outdoor treats! I read to scoop the ice cream in cups ahead of time so it doesn’t melt and it’s cleaner and easier to distribute with a fun toppings bar.

If you’re expecting a baby, here’s a neat graphic to help you decide what to put in your registry if you’re blanking on ideas.

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How to prepare for a baby

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