Avoiding Deodorant Marks with Dove Invisible Dry Spray

Have you ever put on your outfit, you’re ready to head out the door and you suddenly realize you forgot to put on deodorant and antiperspirant – so now you’re trying to put it on through the neck hole and you get a white streak on your top? Then you’re trying to wash it out with a non shedding towel that isn’t white, and there you are left with a wet mark on your outfit so you bring out the blow drier? Oh yeah and now you’re late.

Well guess what – you’re not alone. 57 percent of women report trying to wash them out, while ultimately 1 in 3 women say they’ve had to change their outfit completely.

It took long enough to pick out an outfit, right?

White marks are so inconvenient and so opposite of efficiency – Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on invisible, leaves no white marks on 100 colors! That’s right – if you forget to put on antiperspirant or you’re in a getting dressed in a rush and you don’t have to wait for your deodorant to dry or worry about the white marks ruining your already picked out outfit.

I’m a huge fan of Dove and if they couldn’t make controlling perspiring any better, they did. I just love that it’s quick and easy to put on this antiperspirant and that it won’t show on 100+ colors of clothing, phew! One less thing to worry about when trying to head out the door on time.

I can do it last minute and run out the door!

You could leave it in a guest bedroom because if you think about it, anyone can really use it! What a great thing to set out for company.

My girlfriend brought the Dove Invisible Dry Spray with her on our recent Vegas trip which was how I first discovered it. When she showed it to all of us – we were all passing it around. You can say it was used a bit in Vegas. Hurray for being able to get ready in any order without concerns about white deodorant marks and having to possibly change outfits, now that’s efficient!

Photography by Julianne Marie Photography. Location: Arizona Vacation Company.

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