In Good Company

Our guest room gets a lot of use.  I’m so glad we live 15 minutes away from the airport and that I have traveling friends.  There’s nothing like having friends who are willing to spend the money and time to visit.  It’s not only a trip the person who is traveling is looking forward to, but the host because it’s so exciting to see friends you miss.

Rachel came in town from Nor Cal.  She usually comes out every year which is the best and I always see her when I go home to see my parents.

We started off the the day with the best coffee in town, and a game plan which included lots of shopping.


Bellies were full from great coffee and ham and cheese croissant.  Then it was off to our first stop, Anthropologie.  Their sale was amazing.  I had my eye on this Rarotonga Sun Hat, but I don’t think I could pack it with me to France next month.  But…I still want it.


I ended up buying a floral top I had my eye on for a while, this pullover, and the floral joggers I blogged about earlier.  A sale is the perfect time to buy things I already wanted.

Then we stopped into Barnes and Noble because a glossy caught my eye…


Say what is this article???!!!


Proof I don’t use Botox.  Or perhaps, proof I need it.

I could not read any longer.  Time to think happy thoughts and go back to shopping.  Come on Rach, put down those horse magazines and let’s go – see a shoot I did of Rachel here and here.


J. Crew had  a ton of French sayings on their shirts. Oui Mon Cheri Sweatshirt, so cute.  I need these for next month, to blend in with the French, right?

“It’s Perfect” translates Brenna via text.


After confirmation from Brenna that the shirt above was in fact French, I decided to buy it since it was 40% off the already sale price of $29.  I opted for the size large since tight fitted is only how I like my pants.  Isn’t the Liberty London hat so perfectly floral, so moi?  I needed a lightweight summer cap.

Then we drove back to my side of town, Biltmore/Central Phoenix.

Phoenix readers, Last Chance has rearranged their store clothing displays from round racks to more orderly.  They say they’ve been getting mixed reviews.  I think I’m a fan. Although, when they restock it now means it will be harder to get those newly added items.  They also took away their open changing room areas, they are all private.


For those who don’t live in the Phoenix area, you may have heard of Last Chance.  It’s where all the Nordstrom returns go to die.  It’s final clearance and all returned and overstocked merchandise.  You can buy tops for as cheap as $2-$5 or designers like Tory Burch and Kate Spade for $50.  But beware, you have to check for rips, stains, but sometimes they are perfect!  One must have patience to shop there.  And, some go every day and sell on eBay and I heard make $30,000+!  Now that’s a backup career plan.

Sometimes I like to browse because who doesn’t like a good hunt and find?

Then we picked up some LGO, because I go there probably twice a week and all my out of town girlfriends crave it when they come in.


And then a mobile massage!  Kristin with One Body Therapy is amazing, she is so affordable and she’s better than any high end spa massage I’ve paid $150+ for.  I have been having her come to our house for probably five years now.  The best part – you can roll off the table into your bed and go to sleep!  Tell her I sent you.

Here she is setting up in my office so the rest of us could watch the NFL draft/HGTV – she worked for three hours.


We slept like babies that night.

The next day, we did more shopping at Nordstrom Rack.  Did you know they have a mobile App?  You can scan something and see if they have your size in another store.  My stomach then started to scream hunger pains and then I insisted we walk over and eat at Potbelly.


I love salami so the Italian is perfecto for me.

italian-sandwich-potbelly italian-sandwich-potbelly-5 italian-sandwich-potbelly-4

I also couldn’t pass up getting a fresh cookie ice cream sandwich for only $2.80.  Fresh home baked cookies around ice cream! This will be the most legit ice cream sandwich you have ever eaten.


Rachel picked chocolate brownie cookie and I ordered a chocolate chip oatmeal.


There is no time to take a picture smiling with it, time to eat.


Mother’s Day weekend was so beautiful here, breezy and not as hot as it typically is – we’re talking 80 degrees and comfortable.   So, I made Rachel hop on a bike, even though she warned me she hadn’t been on a bike for over 10 years.

But as the saying goes, it’s like riding a bike!

Please, no comments necessary on how hot I look.

photo1 (11)

And that was my lovely weekend with my girlfriend.  I also unload a ton of clothes on Rachel, so I feel great cleaning out my closet and she feels great taking it.  I just love spending time with friends, I feel like I’m on a little vacation with them even though I’m at home.  I guess you could say I absolutely love being a hostess.

Diana Elizabeth loves the nice weather and is enjoying being outside before it gets too hot.  What a treat to have the nice weather be in Phoenix for so long!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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