That was supposed to be something along the lines of “I’m improving.”

Three things I’m improving on:

  1. Acting.  I’m currently enrolled at Dearing Acting Studio‘s Commercial Improv class where I’m attempting to improve  at improvisational acting.  I’m surprisingly enjoying this way too much. At first I was a total chicken but I made myself commit to getting better, showing up and taking it seriously (I am also a signed actor with the FORD/Robert Black Agency).  My very good friend Brenna Heater teaches a class there and her best friend (also my friend) Leeann Dearing owns the studio with her husband.  I feel more equipped and really enjoying being out of my comfort zone and challenging myself as an actor.   As with any career, I believe that you should really work on your craft and try to constantly get better.  I’m so glad Brenna convinced me to sign up.  Thanks Bren!
  2. Skin.  Since many readers (you may be one of them) have goggled, “How old is Diana Elizabeth in Phoenix?” and it’s like No. 8 on keyword search terms, I’ll tell you.  I’m 46.  I know, I look smashing right? They say if you say you are older than you are then you get the “Wow you look good” reaction instead of saying younger and then you may risk getting the, “LIAR!” or “Rough life?” look.  So anyway, I’m actually 30 but in Asian years that means I’m 15.  And I know you’re all searching that because of my AdoramaTV interview and no I have never been Botoxed – I can’t help that my forehead doesn’t move when I talk!  Anyway, I have always wanted to get regular facials and after an amazing Groupon special came up at Beautiful Skin and Nails and me whining about wanting facials and Mr. Wonderful telling me to buy it, I did it.  After my first appointment I fell in love and got hooked and signed up for 12 mini facials for a year for $129.  I know!  Tell Vicky I sent you, she’s amazing.  The following day after my facial I could just feel how clean my skin was, it was less congested. She even does the extractions which I told Vicky as I laid there, “Facials are so personal.” I mean, I know my husband knows me, like really knows me, but I don’t think he knows my pores or which ones are congested.
  3. Eyes.  I’m finally getting LASIK.  Mr. Wonderful is so amazing to me. He always asks me what I’ve always wanted with the house, or things I’ve wanted to do.  He asked me what was on my wish list and I said, “LASIK, puhhhhlease!”  Then we called our tax guy and asked if LASIK was a tax write off. I mean, I do need my eyes to see and take photos.  Note:  You cannot use it as a tax write off.  Anyway, I just have to pick which company I’ll be going with and then I can finally see.  I wish one of them would sponsor me so then I could blog about it.  I need to get into sponsorship/give me free stuff and I’ll blog about you if you’re rad profession.  Anyway, my eyesight is like -4.25.  My Burberry frames are as thick as windshields and my poor nose bridge is sore from holding up my glasses.  I shall have Superman 20/20 laser beam/see through clothes vision.  Actually, I don’t want to see through people’s clothes.  Ew.


  •  Appreciation.  I’ve always been thankful, but I’m gaining more perspective about a lot of things.  Recently as I was standing in the card aisle picking out a Father’s Day card, I got teary eyed.  This is the 11th year since my dad was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma brain cancer that I get to buy my dad a Father’s Day card.  Even now my eyes swell with tears.  God saved him.  And through my dad, He saved me.  I know there will be a day where I won’t be able to buy a mother’s or father’s day card for my parents and that absolutely KILLS me.  So much I’ll start bawling right now just imagining it.  And so, I take these birthdays, celebrations, occasions, holidays, you name it and I treasure them.  I also recently laid in bed and cried over my thankfulness for my Mr. Wonderful, the best husband God could have ever created for me.  Oh, and Mr. Wonderful was on a business trip so it’s not like I cried in front of him about being thankful for him.  Cause you know, that would have been awkward.

Diana Elizabeth will have to bring the frames in to change the prescription to – fake – if she wants to wear them as fashion glasses.  She assumes this means the glasses will be lighter and will be OK on her face.  She has only worn glasses at night so she doesn’t run into the wall on her way to bed.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Elizabeth

    I always say if God wanted me to have perfect set of eyes I would of been born with em….love wearing my glasses they actually make me feel smarter and sexier….good with lasik Diana.

  • Mailinh Nguyen

    Love this post. Can’t wait to see ya on the big screen one day! ;0)
    Speaking of LASIK, my eye doctor suggested that I’d start thinking about since my eyes are getting worse each year. However, I’m a bit hesitant b/c I’m a bit paranoid.

  • sherly

    LOL, -4.25? Try -7.00 on for size…yup, those are my eyes! =)

  • krystal

    haha! You are so funny! And inspirational :)


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