I’m in an infomercial

If you see Cheryl Tiegs on your screen late at night, don’t change the channel, I’m in that infomercial.  All day with a smile I drank Nopalea, a wellness drink and it was so much fun!  From working with a great staff of people and other actors, it reminded me why I enjoy acting – aside from the nice paycheck.  Many thanks to Trivita for directly booking me, and thanks to my agents at FORD for working so hard.  I’ll be sure to share a video as soon as I see it, but I was told it should be on almost every station late at night.  Maybe after the PajamaJean’s infomercial?

Diana Elizabeth thinks it’s so neat to watch other people do their job so well, everything from the lighting guy to the director.  She was amazed at their expertise.

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.

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  • krystal

    Neato! If I’m up late with my old friend insomnia one of these nights, I’ll have to surf the channels and find you! (I hope you make it to the channels we have. We don’t have cable. We have an antenna and we get 5 channels woohoo! Our antenna is now this box thing from Best Buy, but until a couple months ago, we had actual real bunny ears that had to be adjusted lol! Love it! The tv still gets fuzzy when an airplane flies above though…


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