I love it a latte – 3 easy steps to an instant latte

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The little break I had was so wonderful, lack of posting on social, just getting life in order and feeling my feelings – I needed a week – or two – of mental health days! Now that the new year has started, it’s time to – do the things. Yep, all those things.

I drink the coffee and do the things – I love that little quote I see floating around the internet, it sounds about right. I fell in love with lattes a many years ago when I needed a pick me up before corporate work. Truthfully, staying motivated and showing up on time for work was difficult, right before I left to be an entrepreneur full time I was dragging! The little lattes made me happy, it was my real introduction to coffee.

If you don’t have an espresso machine, have time to make it through a drive-thru, or just want a latte like right now, International Delight® One-Touch Latte™ available at Walmart, is so perfect – it’s the first frothing coffee creamer!

You can make a latte in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Fill cup 2/3 with coffee to leave room for froth.

Step 2: Shake the One Touch Latte™ can.

Step 3: Press and hold the can above coffee for 5-7 seconds and enjoy!

Available in three flavors – vanilla, caramel and mocha.

It sweetens, creams and it flavors – on top of the real froth! If you own an espresso machine you know how long frothing takes, like talk about patience and working for your latte! So this is nice at the touch of a button, your everyday coffee turns into a foam-topped latte.

You can put it in a nice to-go cup too if you need to head out the door. Find more great Latte Made Easy inspiration here.

Each can gives 7 uses, and can also be used on hot chocolate as well. It provides great value for at-home lattes.

Also some great ideas if:

  • You don’t have an espresso machine to make a latte for yourself or guests
  • While traveling and there’s only a coffee machine and you must have a latte (like myself)
  • Camping or glamping
  • Unattended drink area so guests can make their own drinks without having to teach them them how to use an espresso machine.

Hope you do all the things you need to do this month. *wink* and turn your everyday coffee into a sweet, frothy latte! Find International Delight® One Touch Latte™ at Walmart stores.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • teddy arias

    I love the concept and it does work well but be careful, I sprayed it in to my coffee this morning, and i use the large Bubba Keg the 34 ozs one and it hit me in the eyeball, but I enjoyed my great Latte anyway!!

  • Sarah Z Smarrelli

    really doesn’t work that well- it’s more like chocolate flavored whip cream for the top of your coffee- it’s not powerful enough to create a froth in the coffee- it just sits on top- not worth it!

  • Kathleen Fuller

    I saw this on the Walmart newsletter got curious. What a wonderful idea! This is definitely easier than stirring the milk up with a frothing stick.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Kathleen! Thanks for letting me know how you found me, I love hearing! :) xo!

  • Ashlyn Harper

    I recently bought this product and while I am a HUGE fan of Int. Delight, I wasn’t completely satisfied by this instant latte creamer! It certainly doesn’t mix as well as the videos show. It is basically like putting flavored whipped cream on your coffee where about 1/3 is dissolved in your coffee while the rest remains on top. I have to stir it with a spoon every time. Also, the flavors are way sweeter than their other coffee creamers. It is a fun idea, though.

  • Charlene

    I have not been able to find this delight Latte, went to several Walmawalmart ( where your artical said you could buy it ) and none of them had it. So disappointed.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Charlene, Oh no!! I know it’s new and was coming out this month! How disappointing, I am sorry about that. Let me email someone who might know more about the release date and if I can get an answer I’ll update you. What a bummer, I apologize about that!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Charlene, I was told they are arriving in stores right now so if you don’t see it at your store, it’s coming soon.

  • Mary Allen

    Wish there was an unflavored one!

  • MommaDJane

    It looks so easy and is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing morning at home without running to pick up a latte. #client

  • Michelle

    What a great idea, I totally would have used this in my college days! Glamping … ha ha, yes, that would be good for that too.
    I have to say, the entire time I read your post I couldn’t stop drooling over the donuts. ;) XX

    • Diana Elizabeth

      The frothing was always the hardest part for me to master! I have to admit – I ate a glazed today, had to go through the DD drive thru and treat myself. :) xo


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