I love gold!

I used to have a gold velour jumpsuit made by Guess.  I would wear it sometimes with gold hoops and I felt very JLo.  And, even though I donated it a while back, I am remorseful because I really miss it and it was so comfy and gold is awesome.  Sadness…remind me to ease into my purge spree the next time it hits me.  Yes, my wedding jewelry is gold, and I’ll leave those photos up to Ryan Ray to capture!

Allow me to share some random finds and loves as I blog about gold!

My white GOLD engagement ring and wedding band (I just wanted one) came in and I am in love with it but no more than the man I will be marrying in four days!  It will never leave my hand. /  Paris found a way to fit in my Louis when he thought I was going somewhere (he’s GOLD, right?) / Treating my toes to this cute GOLD glitter polish by Deborah Lippmann in Shake Your Groove Thing / Redressing my iPhone from it’s broken and sad Kate Spade case to this GOLD J. Crew Glitter iPhone Case / A photo of us taken just before GOLDen light at Folsom Lake by my best friend Jackie, a little impromptu shot we weren’t prepared for but were willing to do in the cold. When my mom saw the photo she said, “He was made for you.”  Yes, he was.  That shoot warmed us up when our wedding photographer Ryan Ray meets us in Sedona to capture the big day!

The wedding is this weekend! I can count the days down on one hand now which I love!  The formal black and white wedding attire requested of our guests has created a lot of questions for myself but I think it’s fun and I look forward to seeing our guests.  Benjamin and I don’t care if it hails, snow storms or rains or is freezing cold on our big day, we just can’t wait to get married.  I’m so darn excited that I am tempted to sleep through these next few days so I can wake up and marry my best friend, the man of my dreams, heart, who goes at the same speed I do through life, who I can laugh, play and talk with for the rest of my life.  Never have I known love like this, and thank you baby Jesus for every breakup that occurred!   Ever since we got engaged we’ll look at each other or hold each other close and whisper, “We’re going to have a good life together.”  I simply cannot wait.

Oh a serious note, I am aware that not every reader who visits my blog is engaged, married, or blissfully happy.  I wanted to share a quick story with you, and even Benjamin urges me to share it with friends because he is on the other side.  So, here’s my story.

Once upon a time, I had one of those really bad breakups – like those really bad ones where you’re totally not sure what just happened and if life really could go on because you’re feeling all sorts of emotions.  My good friend Kim who is a very strong Christian who saw the start and the end of that relationship comforted me and told me, “You know, that night was the best night of your future husband’s life.”  I remember looking at her from across the table sulking in my chair.  Huh? I knew what she meant but I didn’t really get it, or want to get it at the time. “Listen, I know you wanted it to be him, but I promise you, you’ll see.  Your future husband has no idea that the best night of his life just occurred a few nights ago.”  I had no choice but to trust her and God’s promises. I have to admit, the idea excited me.  I was able to start over from a very bad relationship (they say it’s called a breakup because it’s broken, truth!).  Benjamin will tell you as he tells me that it was indeed the best day of his life, in fact, every breakup I had that I didn’t marry the wrong guy was the best day, and, what seemed like it was the worst night of my life was in fact the best day of mine too.  Of course vice versa.  I’m glad all those girls he dated were crazy and he never married them.  (This is when I thank God for crazy emotional women).  So please remember that no matter how puzzled or broken you may be, whether you felt you had to do it, or someone else did it, I swear to you that one day, you and the one you will grow old with will be so so incredibly thankful to the heavens that it happened.  Benjamin and I promise.  Just look at us.

Diana Elizabeth is going to decorate the house with the new Christmas tree this week!  Now that her parents will be in town she has help! Yay!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Debbie Kelly

    I so happy for you Diana, and Benjamin.

  • sarah federico

    so happy that you shared your story … i am happily married with a little family of my own but once upon a time, i too experienced awful heartbreak. in hindsight, i am so grateful for that heartbreak as it led me to my amazing husband. no one ever shares that part of the story and i find it uplifting and inspirational that you did. congratulation on your happiness. i can’t wait to see the pictures – you will be stunning, no doubt. xo.

  • kristin

    yay! you’re almost married! i’m so happy for you and praying for the most perfect day :)

  • dar

    Congratulations Diana! I am So happy for you!


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