I finally got on a plane!

went on a plane for the first time since February 2020 when I went to Taiwan for three weeks with my parents. I know. The only reason was because Arizona stayed open while other states and counties stayed closed so I figured what was the point of going anywhere? I went to Vegas as soon as it opened up twice, but getting on a plane – hadn’t done that for a while!

And yes, that means I haven’t seen my parents for 1.5 years and I hate that. So I need to book something home to Nor Cal soon before the weather gets real good in Phoenix and I don’t want to leave. I miss International travel so much but I’m not quite sure after being away from a plane for so long if I can handle a 14 hour flight yet. Might want to ease into it, especially considering the mask regulations.

I used to visit Melayne every summer for a few years but it’s been I think two or three years since I have because she got married and moved to New Mexico. But now they are back in Costa Mesa so hopefully we can get some quality time in again!

Lately I’ve been saying that I am so glad to be alive at the same time as Mariah Carey and John Mayer. This is so true. But the older I get (turning the big 4-0 this fall!) I look around and think, I am so lucky to be born the same time as these friends of mine and to have found them in my lifetime.

Then my mind fast forwards and I get so sad thinking of ever having a day without them in my life, like I am fast forwarding to age 95. That’s when I know I am so lucky to have the most amazing best friends in my life I have known and grown up with for over 15 years. The best part about getting older is growing with those you love.

The weather was 30-40 degrees cooler than Phoenix. We just ate and talked a lot, and it was so wonderful to have quality time with friends and veg too. We just get so busy, so busy with work, family life, and then suddenly here we are, and we need to take time to enjoy things and the people around us. So glad Melayne and Drew made time for us (they are so busy every weekend) and Benjamin was willing to step away from his phone and laptop to unplug!

I came across this Babe Rose, has anyone tried it? I liked the name, and I am already planning my big birthday bash and want some cute spirits.

If visiting Costa Mesa, I’ll give you a few places to check out – Tabu Shabu and Shirley’s Bagels (order the CTA)! Some also freak out over Sidecar Donuts which is in the same plaza as Shirley’s Bagels but they are a bit too dense in texture for me. Anyway, hope you are all having a great summer!

Also if you want to check out Daiso, that’s the Japanese “dollar store” what I call. You can see my IGTV video of it on my Instagram as I give a tour.

Diana Elizabeth just had a Home Depot delivery of new soil. She is ready to get going on her garden beds – she even started seed starting which means she is super anxious. Every time she seed starts she regrets it and so she is writing this down to remind herself to stop and just throw them in the ground next time if she’s going to play with seeds.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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