postmark closet selling tips

How to use Poshmark and make money selling your clothes

postmark closet selling tips

The other week I made over $200 by getting rid of a few items in my closet. According to my closet stats, since I started usigng it, I’ve made $4500 back in my pocket from selling 142 things. Let’s talk about downsizing your closet and making some extra money.

You could argue I make a lot due to the labels I buy, in which case I’d say it all evens out – spend more, wear more, sell for more. Buy cheap, wear few times, get a few bucks, it’s all the same exchange.

postmark closet selling tips

To piggyback off the Poshmark post I wrote a few years ago that continues to get hits – and might be a little older, here’s a recap of why the Poshmark app is my choice to sell clothes.

Your closet can also have followers which means the girls like your personal style and you are the same size as them. They follow your closet so any new listings show up on their feed. Right now I have 4,300 followers, I’ll talk about how I got so many later in this post.

About Poshmark

  • It’s an App used by women just for clothes, you have a concentrated market, a little more targeted than say, eBay.
  • They take 20%. It’s a chunk. BUT, they email you a PDF of the shipping (paid by buyer) immediately and also added “offers” which potential buyers can submit if they want a lower price than you are asking. The convenience is OK by me – the right audience, and the convenience.
  • You get paid when the buyer receives the item – until then Poshmark holds your amount. I’ve never had a problem receiving payment. I’ve also had a friend who had an issue and Poshmark paid her anyway, she raves about their customer service.

How to get started on Poshmark

  • Download the App on your phone, or go to the website and log in.
  • Use your smartphone to take pics of your items you want to list. See mine here.
  • List your items around 50% off, or maybe 40% off regular price. You will get notified of “offers” that expire in 24 hours. You have the option to counter offer or accept, or just plain deny (if it’s insulting). I’m going to be real with you and tell you if you can get more than you would at a garage sale, just get rid of it.

If you have a photo wearing the item or can find one online, it helps sell the item. A quick Google search can help you.

How to build your following

  • Poshmark isn’t a social media outlet, so following isn’t that important in order for your items to sell. Now with Poshmark’s new features, girls follow label feeds (like I follow J.Crew, Calypso St. Barth) so those listings just show up in my feed.
  • If you do want to find followers, just share your items during the Poshmark parties, they may slowly build.
  • Have lots of items listed. A few items isn’t that interesting, fill it with like 10+ items, 20 even and you’ll see people start to follow.
  • When other Poshmarkers share your items, go in their closet and share some of their items. It’s the nice thing to do.

Other tips to make selling clothes easier

  • Turn on notifications but not the ones that pop up on your phone – just a number count if the app needs your attention (like you have an offer or question on a listing).
  • I have this mental thing called, I hate everything in my closet and I have nothing to wear syndrome. So I list the item, and I move it OUT of my closet. This is only for things I’m so over. If I’m OK with still wearing it, I just keep it in my closet until it sells. It’s just a mental thing, I know, weird, but it helps with me loving my closet.
  • I package sold clothes in tissue paper, put a cute sticker on it and drop it on one of these flat poly mailer envelopes┬áthat are tear, water and tamper resistant. I have a TON of these and they have lasted me for years. You can keep boxes around but they take up so much room. Buy a lot of packaging tape too for the label.
  • No time for the post office? I go to and I schedule a pickup and leave the item on my doorstep.

Earn $5 when you sign up

Use code DIANAELIZABETH for Poshmark and get $5 when you sign up!

You’re going to have to be patient, but I believe you can make more selling it on Poshmark than a second hand store (maybe) and definitely more than a garage sale. I mean really, $1500 girlfriends since Jan 2013 (and I’ve been inactive for a while too)! Some items I just donate or give to friends, but some that I truly believe are worth being loved again deserve to be listed on Poshmark. Then take the extra money and go on a trip!

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


  • Mailinh

    I remember your previous post about Poshmark and still have been thinking about using it since I’ve been purging my closest out like a maniac. I’ve been simplifying my closet and really careful about what I might want to add…

    I’ve held off because I just paranoid…haha…

  • Lindsay

    Is there etiquette as far as how many times you share a listing in a party?

  • Lindsay

    Fabulous! I’m just getting started. My closet name is LindzLu’s Closet if you’d like to take a look and give me some pointers I would greatly appreciate it!!!

  • Tamara

    Hi Diana,

    I have also read your previous blog entry about Poshmark and just found this update. Thank you for taking the time to write this out. I too NEED to do this, but am nervous about starting with the regard of not doing the shipping correctly or pricing. I’m glad you explained that here though. My question is:

    – I see you stated 50-40% off retail price. Do you mark off a different percentage if the item is new with tags?
    – Do you wait for a certain amount of time to go by before lowering your pricing? I see there is a price drop button (still learning about that). If so what is a reasonable price drop?
    – Do you prepackage your items before shipment to make it easier?
    – Is there also a certain way to print labels for shipment? I know with Amazon FBA program you need a laser ink jet printer specifically, just wanted to know if Poshmark was specific on that.

    I know those are a lot of questions, but I found your post the most informative about starting this journey. I would really appreciate it. If you have a video tutorial on your step by step process of listing, THAT would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Tamara, thanks for taking the time to read my posts!
      – If its a new item, maybe drop it up to 30% – remember they still have to pay for shipping and WANT a deal!
      – I lower a price when I just want to get rid of it.
      – I package them when they ship – things for sale are in a box under my bed (for my clarity and just purging feeling) and easy donation drop off or give to friends if they don’t sell
      – When items sell, Poshmark emails you the label with your info and buyers info and it’s paid for by the buyer. So easy.

      I wouldn’t overthink it. It’s just like having a garage sale or selling your things on eBay. You are the boss! xx

  • Toni Scordato

    Hey I just wanted to know if they charge you to put you items off or if after a certain amount of time you get charged to keep your item up like eBay does. Thanks :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Toni, Poshmark only takes a 20% cut when the item sells. It’s a much larger one than eBay, but it depends on your preference :)

  • Cydne

    As far as the $3 fee for under $15, is that per item, or per transaction?
    For example, if a buyer bundles two items that are $10 each, will there be two $3 fees or does it become 20%?
    Thank you,
    I’ve tried to find this answer elsewhere and can’t.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Cyndne, if a buyer bundles, it should probably be a minimum $3 purchase if that’s what you’re asking. The fee is usually 20% of the total item. Not sure if I’m following but any purchase (bundles count as one purchase) has a minimum amount which I think is $3 now. Poshmark will take 20% of one single transaction purchase.

  • Cydne

    Thank you! Bundles count as one purchase is what I needed to know.


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