pizza on a diy cheese board serving board for entertaining instructions in this post

How to make a serving board large charcuterie cheese board

pizza on a diy cheese board serving board for entertaining instructions in this post

When I host parties I tend to order a large number of delicious food and it seems like I need a lot of platters. As I tried to figure out how to display it – my favorite part of hosting every event I knew I didn’t have the right way to display it! Ah! I don’t have enough pizza stones and I don’t want to serve it out of the box – even though that LGO box sure is cute and it does keep the pizza warm when closed. But photoshoot worthy my friends!

Rarely do you find 3′ long cutting boards or serve boards that don’t cost over $100! So in the words of my mom, “Let’s make it!”

diy cheese board serving board for entertaining instructions in this post

Ok let’s get down it, shall we. I rarely like DIY posts because it is so ugly before it gets pretty. That’s how I feel about before and after images with projects, like our house, you’ve heard it, wah wah.

Onto the magic.

Here’s the breakdown of cost:

I probably could have skipped the food safe stain but I wanted it a little darker than the pine was. Stretch your dollar and make more of these to utilize the food safe stain and butcher block conditioner. Am I thinking Christmas gifts?

Benjamin set out the miter saw on our desk thingy – tool table that we bought at a garage sale for $20. I’m sure it’s not like super secure but…it’s DIY. And our new toolshed has electricity in it, pretty awesome right? Now I just need to get some sort of a cover because I don’t like the sun beaming down on me while I was trying to work in the 100 degree heat!

Wear protective gear. Wear face goggles or whatever they are called.

boards learning up against fence

This is not appropriate gear. Flip flops and shorts. Do as I say, not as I do.

Measure and mark the half – assuming you got the right length boards and want to cut a 6′ in half, mark it at 3′. I wouldn’t suggest going much longer it can be quite cumbersome getting that into your car and your board is too long even if you cut it in half.

Miter saws are around $100 and I used it for the baseboards. I just figured it out without reading the instructions because that’s how incredibly impatient I am and slightly ADD. Just so you know though, you need to rent an air compressor to shoot nails. I didn’t know that – that’s for baseboards, not for this project.


Then measure across the width of your board. I chose 3 boards because if I did 4 it would overwhelm the table. Then cut pieces of scrap boards a little smaller (or they can be even if you want to see them).

Sand edges to remove splinters. I have a splinter story to share in a second.

^^ Stain. I used gloves and a no-lint rag. And there they are drying – the finish is oily just FYI. You have to let it soak in and really rub it in, or off.

So here’s my splinter story. I was rubbing the boards using the cloth but not balled up (which you should do) and as I glided it across the board a huge splinter went through the cloth, through my super dumb thin glove and right into the pad of my index finger. It really freaking hurt. But, I’m Asian so I have high pain tolerance and I also am not dramatic and rarely show emotion. If you’re Asian you get me. *wink*

So a day goes by and it really hurts and then I decide to complain about it. We try tweezing it out. It’s in so deep there’s no way. So, I just squeeze it like I’m popping a zit like taking the end and force pushing it out. Even though it was my finger I swear I heard the splinter every millimeter when it slowly came shooting out of my finger. It hurt just a bad going out as it did going in. Oh mercy. It took three hard core squeezes because that’s how long the splinter was.

Lesson – careful when you stain. Have the rag balled up when you stain so a splinter would have to be 1 inch long to touch your finger. Maybe consider wearing steel gloves.

Screw it all in place, all done. I looked at it and laughed. I pretty much made my house shutters only they are close together.

Hey, it is what it is. I didn’t say I built a computer.

I am sorry if these instructions were all over the place but I also feel like you’re intelligent enough to understand how simple it was.

I built a wood board and stained it with food safe stain to not kill anyone. And then I finished it off with butcher block conditioner, rubbed it in and presented it the next day for my shoot.

burger on a diy cheese board serving board for entertaining instructions in this post

And that’s how it’s done. They are imperfect, a little wonky, but complete. I added a few extra screws on the back to secure and straight out some boards, it’s the bottom, no one will see.

I saved so much money doing this myself and I can put them down the middle of a long table without having to store a 6′ serving board (can you imagine). I love the idea of setting this out and just piling on breads, jams, anything where you can’t set out a ton of plates or you have to leave them in their packaging. It even makes French fries look good.

wood board DIY with pizza and French fries

Go out and grab your power tools and make these boards! Then tag me in your photo so I can see! xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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