how to find a lost diamond wedding ring

How to find a lost diamond

thought I’d write a post on how to find a lost diamond or earring, or any kind of small item that you need to desperately find in your home. Some you may know that I had quite a panic the other month when I was putting together a heavy armoire that one of my diamonds popped out of my wedding ring.

It wasn’t a small diamond that would be easily replaceable which was why I was concerned. It was also an asscher diamond cut, gah! So I really wanted to find it because I didn’t want to have to pay a few hundred dollars to get a new diamond!

Friends called and aside from the obvious praying that I did several times, I was given some great ideas including having kiddos come over and paying them $50 if they found it.

how to find a lost diamond wedding ring

I was sending a video chat to my friend when I saw the black hole on my ring, gasped and was like, I gotta go. The first thing I did was go through the packaging because my diamond might have stuck to it. I think the pressure from my lifting and the pressure to the corner of the diamond made it pop.

I have had my wedding ring for almost 8 years and I’ve never had it checked so that’s gotta change now. I would also now recommend taking off your jewelry when you wash the dishes or do anything rigorous like gardening or yard work (and/or wear gloves).

Ways to find a missing diamond (and what finally worked)

I went online and searched for tips and while I tried a flashlight and swept with a broom, none really worked.

But, here is what I will recommend to find a diamond, in order:

Turn off all the lights (best at night) and use a flashlight

to see any shadows – hold it parallel to the floor to see any shadows. Another tip was using a black light for some kind of glare but I didn’t have one.

Use a standard broom

and use long sweeping motions in the are you are in to see if it comes in a pile.

Walk around barefoot

You might step on it.

Check your purse, and pockets – and gloves

These might be places where your ring got snagged and the diamond might have fallen out.

Use a robot vacuum!

This worked for me, the second time around. Always clean out the robot, let it go, and when you clean it out, dump it out on a white paper towel. Hurrah!! The robot vacuum I used was the Ecovacs Deebot (this one, cheaper). This one is around $100.

Because I had no idea what room I lost the diamond, I let the robot go almost everywhere in the house. I was so thrilled that it popped out.

My jeweler said it was a good thing that I found it, it wasn’t the easiest thing to get it matched with the other diamonds – not impossible of course but a very good thing it was found. I had never been more relieved in my life to find it.

So maybe you won’t be loosing a diamond anytime soon, but I’d recommend stopping by your jewelers so they can check the diamond, perhaps getting it insured, and remember these tips if it happens to you or a friend.

how to find a lost or loose diamond

Diana Elizabeth, while using a flashlight in the dark as the first try to find the diamond only found a lot of dead bugs and a pink gecko she had to chase around to let out.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


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