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House Layout


Hi! One of my friends, a long time reader Carissa asked for a floor layout of the house, and so I thought that would be a fun little project for me, should any of you no have any clue how rooms are connected or laid out.

Our home is 1750 square feet – tiny home! But I love it, the ceilings are 8 feet high and keeps it cozy and cottage like. I do like open airy homes and can appreciate them, but I also love small, maybe it’s just me saying that out of total contentment. It’s like when you enter a restaurant and you want that cozy booth tucked in the way back corner, where you can have intimate conversation and memories, that’s how I envision our home and hope our home stays. I’d live in a Hobbit Hole if I could!

When I envision our home I draw north at the top, but visually since you are facing my house, you would be facing south so I thought I’d make the layout in a way that makes more sense as if you were at my front door – like you are looking at the watercolor illustration above.


Now here’s a glimpse of a few of our rooms so you can use your imagination – I still need to photograph our master but I don’t feel like it’s right where I want it.

kitchen-diana-elizabeth-photography-blog-walker-zanger-cocoon-6th-avenue-mosaic-tile-white-tile-backsplash-9748dining-room-5130diana-elizabeth-home-office-phoenix-lifestyle-blogger-home-tour-5221living-room-111howchow-neiman-marcus-home-diana-elizabeth-blog-phoenix-arizona-lifestyle-blogger-home-bathroom-jonathan-adler-1023 big-lots-kingston-dresser-home-office-guest-room-update-111

You can also see more on our home tour page here.

Here’s a little graphic of the house on the entire property – I thought I’d show where the garden beds and certain trees were. Then I got a little carried away and wanted to tell about every bush I planted haha.


Here are some pics of our outdoor space –

And one of the covered patios –

girls outdoor party get together cheese plate horchow patio party feminine pink

Hope you liked the graphic tour! Now you’ll know what part of the house I’m in when I take photos and next I’ll be able to share the storage layout – I’m hoping this will finally be done by mid November. Have a great day!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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