Home Expansion Update – Jackhammering Concrete

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I’ve been going, going since Yellowstone and while it might look like I’m on vacation, I’m still working! So, yesterday with the advice of two of my girlfriends (Brenna and Michelle) on taking a day off, I did. And to continue with their advice, I will be finishing up the work I committed to do and stop filling up my schedule with frivolous things so I can enjoy the upcoming holidays and time. Thank God for good friends who listen and care about you.

I watched Making a Murderer season two and organized my bathroom counters (getting rid of more beauty products, I’m overloaded) and listened to a lot of jackhammering. LOL.

Part of the cement is being jackhammered to put in appropriate plumbing for the bathroom addition. I’m surprised at how fast this project is moving, I picked out the doors and windows yesterday morning. We are going with wood doors, clear transoms (no grids) and grids on the two windows.

Here’s a reminder of what it will look like (back of our home) –

I decided the clear transoms would be best given that the grids will differ on the French doors and the windows. The French doors will be wood the windows will be vinyl.



home expansion process


Immediately after the cement started to get jackhammered for plumbing. I love how fast this is going!


home expansion process


Meanwhile, in addition to blog work, I’m looking at furniture pieces, bathroom hardware, door fixtures, it’s all slowly coming together. Wayfair knows about my upcoming project and thought I’d be fun to share what I’m looking at on Wayfair’s site for my project, but all of this depends on budget. However, if we pretended I got all of this for free, I went ahead and started to make my list, LOL.

So if you’re on the Wayfair site, here’s what it might look like if you’re shopping and you see “Blogger’s Pick” –

To make it easier for you to see what I’m looking at, here’s a list. I already own the bird lamp by the way, it’s on my buffet in the dining room. You can say my style is a little French Cottage with a hint of modern touches.


Bordeaux 32.3 in. Buffet LampBordeaux 32.3 in. Buffet Lamp // More Lamps Lebo 28.5 in. Table LampLebo 28.5 in. Table Lamp // More Glam Table Lamps Rectangle Wall MirrorRectangle Wall Mirror // More Mirrors
Colonnade Spindle ArmchairColonnade Spindle Armchair // More Accent Chairs Allister Swivel ArmchairAllister Swivel Armchair // More Arm Accent Chairs Merrick Pedestal TableMerrick Pedestal Table // More End & Side Tables
Wehr Queen Murphy BedWehr Queen Murphy Bed // More Beds Irvington Traditional 3 Drawer Accent ChestIrvington Traditional 3 Drawer Accent Chest // More Cabinets & Chests Wright Sofa BedWright Sofa Bed // More Sofas
Brownington Utility 59 in. Task Floor LampBrownington Utility 59 in. Task Floor Lamp // More Floor Lamps Bourne VaseBourne Vase // More Vases Dried Wheat BouquetDried Wheat Bouquet // More Fall DÈcor

You can also check out my Pinterest board here.

Now today’s a big work day so I might have some headphones on if there’s still jackhammering but from the looks of it, I think that’s over and plumbing begins! So amazed by this process already and the framing hasn’t even begun!

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


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