Hole-to-Hole Caning Pillow

You’ve definitely seen the pattern on chairs, but probably never knew what it was called.  I have two chairs in my office that are made with chair caning (it’s a cane material and there are varieties of caning patterns).  The most popular is called hole caning, or hole-to-hole caning.

The (overpriced) inspiration:


I wanted it, but for $70, nah.  I also wanted it a different size for the new chair I bought for our living room. So off to SAS Fabrics to find discounted materials. I had the drop cloth fabric (yes, from Ace Hardware that I have used for many projects), and had to find cording for the accent and I found binding that I had to wash and iron flat so I could use it for the weaving purpose. I think pillows with the cording are just so cute, so I picked a natural cord and a braided burlap and decided after I made my project that the braided was better suited.  All materials, $12.  Boo-yah.

Sorry for the mixed lighting, I tackled this late at night and sometimes, you just can’t put your creative projects on hold just for lighting purposes.


Laying the pattern out on my cutting mat by Fiskars, using a rotary cutter is amazing.  I also liked having the guides tell me if I was accurately spacing them out. I stared at my chairs across from me to study how they were woven.  This isn’t exactly how the pattern is, I need more but that wasn’t possible with what I wanted so I improvised.

I wanted my final pillow size to be 13″ x 9″ so I added an extra inch for the sides so I would have plenty of room to sew.  I think I got 12 yards of the “cane” weaving, for .50 cents a yard.  The trim was more expensive, .99 a yard.


Pin them all down and sew each strip on both sides.  Yes, that’s a lot of sewing.

Cut off edges, sew right sides together with cording between them (you have to stay right along the edge). Change your sewing foot if necessary. Typically I’d use my serger but even though it’s back from the shop I’m sort of mad at it for misbehaving last week so I wanted to just deal with my sewing machine.

I know, I’m talking about it like it’s a child.  Hey, I don’t have children so these are it.


The next day in good lighting.


And that is my new chair from One Kings Lane – Sign up today on OKL for a $15 credit for purchases of $30 or more. :

Any other pillow size would have over powered it’s small scale so now it’s perfect!

Diana Elizabeth bought these two little side chairs because they needed more seating for their young married’s small group they host.  Since she loves chairs so much, what a great excuse.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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